Saturday, September 24, 2011

100% personality..

In stark contrast to my previous post, here's a home that is all but restrained..! It may not be something I'd rate as my personal dream home, but what a quirky and interesting place people!. I just love the passion and joy behind the creation of this warm and quirky family home, and can only imagine the wonderful stories behind the scenes..!

Fireplace from France, purpouse made circular art (back right) from Spanish cow hides, rug from Morocco, the arm chairs French market finds, candle sticks from Berlin.. in short, this antique timber house now hosts treasures from all corners of the world. Do you think the priest could have ever imagined when he built it way back when..!?! :)

After 10 happy years in San Francisco, Ingvild & Olaf felt their homeland calling (I can so relate..!) and had a strong desire to return to the Nordic quietness and landscape. They longed to live in the country side and found a large piece of land in the forest just West of Oslo. All they needed then was a house - an old one with lots of character..

Excuse the poor quality of my scan.. but this picture was not part of Sköna Hem's digital gallery.. This is the kind of house onto which you want to toss a couple of sheep that will keep the grass trimmed.. :)

They responded to an ad for a 'Timber built preacher's-den on the mountain, early 17th cent', though found the 'house' had in fact been de-mounted into a pile of timber (!). But they bought it anyway and started the painstaking job of first moving it (the pile..) to their forest patch, and then piecing it together. How courageous! 
The result is a genuinely unique and charming two story home with tangible soul and so much personality.

Ingvild is an interior designer and Olaf an astrologer/psychologist (wonderful collective knowledge here, don't you think!?!), and together with an architect friend they designed large windows that were set into the timber frame to allow the forest to merge with the inside. In fact these people love the forest so much that they actually sleep outside during the warmer months of the year. I remember doing just that too when I was a little girl, and it was such an adventure and I loved watching the night sky in my sleeping bag! Have you ever tried?

These people are sleeping on hay people..! Even the bed head is made of hay, and then covered in fabric.. 

They also 'up-cycled' old building materials, vintage finds, antiques, hand-me-downs, and second hand buys. They became so good at it that it evolved into a business of importing & selling European vintage and demolition materials. One can only imagine the treasures they come across!

Have a fabulous and quirky weekend darlings.
Hope you are up to fun things!

xx Charlotta


It's me said...

Great style !! i love it !! enjoy a happy from

Unknown said...

oh how nice! different indeed! definitely not the direction I would take either, but VERY charming still. You know, it looks like the Weasley's house in Harry Potter, very eclectic, very interesting and weird in many ways but full of LOVE and warmth. and THAT totally rocks!

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful home. I agree with you, it might not be something I would want to live in myself, at least not for longer. but I can def appreciate the beauty and personality.

A Perfect Gray said...

amazing, charlotta. I would feel so cozy in that place. so packed with personality. how can we adore both the clean and spare loft you featured just before AND this beauty packed to the gills with wonderfulness? I guess that goes with being a decor nut - appreciating so many styles.

hope you and O. and I. are enjoying a wonderful time with family and friends! love to you, donna

Anci said...

Hej !
Jag såg hemmet i Sköna Hem. Inte min stil, men kul och härligt annorlunda.


lamb and blonde said...

Such a romantic rustic home full of personality! I love the pale blue art wall in the dining room.

Miranda said...

Dreamy and lovely. I feel like I'd like to know these people!

designchic said...

So much charm and character. Would love to have a home like this for a getaway - relaxing and inviting!! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Charlotta ~

Splenderosa said...

I would absolutely love to know these people !! xx's

Leah Moss said...

thank you for sharing this! It's pure magic!

In my own hoe I always struggle between my love for bohemian gypsy wagon style filled with curiosities and clean, simple spare spaces. Spare seems to win out for sanity sake, but I love this wild aesthetic!

Becca C said...

Your bedroom design has INSPIRED me to completely redesign my own! Im currently waiting for my new lighter grey paint to dry on my walls! I am fascinated by the whimsical beaded canopy... Is it a mix of beads and fringe? Do you have any idea where I could find one so sweet and romantic?

myinteriors said...

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