Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumnal Sweden...

Hello lovelies! I am typing this from a truly Autumnal Sweden - the wind is ruffling the trees sending cascades of yellowing leaves past my window. 
Summer has definitely left us, and in a seemingly constant glow of candle light (I am a candle addict!) I find myself drifting into a slow & comfortable pace of life - Autumnal bliss..!

Don't you just love the 'Crimean Pinecone' lamp by Pavel Eekra..!?!

My mind seems to swing like a pendulum between food (eating!) and interiors at this time of the year. With equal measure I crave cooking- and interior- magazines & blogs right now and I find myself drawn to richer colours, more rustic finishes, and nurturing environments.

This is what I had for lunch today.. this photo from my kitchen table..

Golden Chanterelles & Horn of Plenty mushrooms (that I pick in the nearby forest), ruby red 'lingon berries', sweet figs, fragrant chestnuts, fresh beetroot, pumpkins & carrots bought from my local farmyard (a wonderful self-service farm outlet!), ripe plums, pears & apples picked in my garden all  glow with such rich vibrancy that they inspire me to both cook an decorate..

The Rowan trees are heavy with clusters of bright red berries that work wonderfully when wanting to add a touch of Autumn inside. I adore them in every shape and form!

I currently have a single twig in an over-sized glass bottle in my living room (that desperately needs art and window dressing still.!), and I have used small cuts of berries and leaves to brighten up the place settings on my dining table.

I am also planning to thread single berries on thin steel wire and bend into 'single strand wreaths' for my kitchen and dining room windows. For one of many tutorials HERE..

The leaves are starting to change from green to a spectrum of yellows, though it will be a few weeks still until they explode in their 'grand finale' of vivid colours. My regular and long term readers might remember an Autumnal guest post by my dear friend Minna Mercke Schmidt last year, where she showed us how to tie a beautiful leaf wreath. Click HERE to refresh your memory.

Autumn (Sept-Nov) here in Sweden is referred to the 'food season' because of the abundance of fresh local produce. 
The harvest has brought an array of wonderful root vegetables, beekeepers are offering jars of fresh honey, the forest is serving up a 'smörgåsbord' of delicacies (berries, mushrooms, chestnuts etc), the gaming/hunting season and cattle slaughtering are in full swing, and the ocean is treating us to and array of crustaceans & heavenly seafood. Simply put, this is THE time of the year to visit Sweden if you are a food lover!

Another culinary excuse (..if you need one!) to travel to Sweden this time of the year is the annual harvest of the black 'Gotland truffle' (October/November)!! Yes you heard me right, Sweden is home to some of the world's best black truffle. It may not be as well known or 'famous' as its Italian or French 'truffle cousins', but actually on par in quality, fragrance and flavour!
Perhaps you feel like learning the secrets of truffle hunting & harvesting (?), in which case you can join 'Gotlandstryffel & Smakrike Krog' in their annual 'truffle safari'. You don't even have to bring your own 'truffle pig'..ha!

With all of this in mind, you can imagine why I am purring in contentment and delight right now. There are so many wonderful things to enjoy and look forward to in the next couple of months. Rugged up outside or snug & cozy inside I am enjoying Swedish Autumn to the full!

Warm hugs from the top of the world!

xx Charlotta

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Splenderosa said...

Charlotta, I'm already dreaming of days like this, but I fear they are farther away yet. Such beautiful images, and I think putting the berries on wire is awesome, just twisted around? Love your kitchen table too. It must be wonderful to be "home." And, to me, it sounds like the perfect place to live, with all of nature's bounty just outside your door. Much love.....

JOE. D said...

It all sounds like bliss Charlotta.
We are very slowly moving into warmer weather and I couldn't be more chuffed. The days are getting longer. The skies are blue. 'Almost' time for a swim in the ocean and the pool. Glad you are settling in well.

Warm hugs to you from the bottom of the world (-:

Karena said...

Charlotta autumn is my very favorite time of year. I adore all of your images, and the thought of all of the specialties of your region, yum, how delicious!


Art by Karena

I hope you will join my amazing Giveaway from Interieurs!

christina @greige and my sparrow said...

Just gorgeous! I love fall, we are not quite there yet in California but soon enough..

Wishing you well in your new home!


Glamour Drops said...

Oh what a pretty place you take us all to in our imaginations with such a gorgeous post as this Charlotta!

As I peep out of my window, I see cherry blossom and daffodils...such a complete opposite on the bottom of the world!

Cindy Albert said...

OMG, what wonderful pictures. You've made me appreciate the coming season more than ever.

Here in southern California the change of seasons is subtle. Now I want to put on a beautiful knit sweater, cook a delicious stew and go looking for a pile of leaves to jump into. :)

Thanks for the inspiration!!

Anci said...

Hösten är en härlig årstid och dina bilder får mig att tycka ännu mer om den !


Sharon Lee Johnson said...

What a beautiful selection of pictures. We are just starting Spring here, but you have made me long for autumn. It is also my favourite season. x Sharon

tinajo said...

Such great pics sweetie, love all of them! I hope you have the best of days! :-)

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous post! I love autumn and I feel quite envious as we go into spring in my part of the world.

Meine Dinge Franka said...

Your autumn impressions are GREAT!

You took wonderful images!

♥ Franka

mayfair personal trainer said...

Such beautiful images, and I think putting the berries on wire is awesome, just twisted around? Love your kitchen table too.

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

omg Charlotta, such an amazing post! you make me love autumn. the lunch you made looks SO good! we're heading towards spring here, but you're making me miss fall already! have a beautiful day, darling! xo

Splendid Willow said...

Charlotta dear,

Top of the world you are! What a wonderful post! I can so picture you "at home" working away in the kitchen behind pots and pans, sipping a glass of wine and smiling, knowing that family and friends, in a matter of minutes, will be gathered around your dining table.

Invite me some time! (And especially if chanterelles are on the menu!).

Warm hugs to you,


Unknown said...

oh Charlotta! such a yummy post!!! all that food and all that wood!!! we don't have a real fall here, it's really warm here up until mid or late october and then it cools off a bit but nothing major. THen, around December/January, you need a sweater or light jacket but nothing more... thats why i like traveling in this season, and getting to see different, more autumnal places. :)

Vær våken said...

Hi! I think I'm in 'autumnal bliss', too! What a wonderful and great post with lots of autumn atmosphere!!! Happy Autumn!

Love, Kristin

designchic said...

These beautiful images get me excited about Fall. Love the thoughts of crisp, cool weather after the hot, hot Summer we've had in NC!!

Tina said...

Vilken UNDERBAR höst-kavalkad. Jag som Du njuter till fullo av höstens intågande!!! Inte så mycket färgskiftningar här längst ner i Södra delen ännu, men väl så friska vindar och hög luft.
Minns väl Minna´s fina höstkrans. Min fick pryda ytterdörren ända fram till Jul:)!
Massor med kramar till Dig denna underbara Fredag.
Njut varje minut:)!

Noe @ ADELLA AVENUE said...

Charlotta, I have been waiting to feel truly inspired for fall, and I have to say, this beautiful post just did it. The eats look scrumptious, and I am in love with the Pinecone lamp. Glad it seems like you are settling in nicely back in your homeland.

-xx Noe

My Castle in Spain said...

Gorgeous autumn post ! and if i could i would book a trip to Sweden to enjoy this glorious harvest season...i didn't know this Gotland truffle. Beautiful pics and your lunch looks scrumptious! :-)
Have a great week end


Thank you so much for this post! I absolutely LOVE autumn and it's finally starting to feel like it here so this post was just perfect. Your lunch looks divine by the way. :) Have a wonderful weekend, Charlotta! xo

michele said...

glorious images, charlotta! my favorite is the one with the black cat. mesmerizing.


anita said...

Charlotta, this post is gorgeous! Totally tapping into the beauty and deliciousness of fall.
Glad you're settling in to your home in Sweden.

Jane said...

Oh, Charlotta! I'm your latest happy follower, via Kerry. This post really is a feast for all the senses - bravo. I find it fascinating just as we're sliding into Spring down here! J x

Nordic Bliss said...

HJÄLP vad många fina bilder. Jag blev helt myssjuk här framför datorskärmen. Nu vill jag bara rulla in mig i en filt med en kopp te. Din lunch såg ju riktigt mumsig ut. Vet itne riktigt vart man hittar kantareller här i England. Jag vet inte ens om de finns här... ups.
Längtar efter Sverige på hösten. Löven blir så otroligt fina.

Kathysue said...

Charlotta, this is a gorgeous post!! Thank you for all your hard work pulling this together for us to enjoy. I am so going to try the avocados, Yum. I have never seen a roasted apple on a stick, I have to try that one also!! Excellent, I feel inspired!! xo Kathysue

Blomsterverkstad said...

Darling C! This post was like a book - a fantastic book filled with autumn! So beautiful! And thank you for letting me inspire on your blog last year! Hugs and happy to have you closer.. soon we'll meet irl!!! Yours, Minna :)

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi Darlings.

Yes Autumn here in Sweden is wonderful. So full of colour, texture, taste and scents. I wish you could breathe the crisp air we had today - heaven!

Thank you for stopping by and for all your lovely comments.

Warmest hugs and happy weekend.

xx Charlotta

Lana {lanalou style} said...

Such a lovely post Charlotta, you've really highlighted all the best parts about Autumn. So many gorgeous images and inspiration. Hope you enjoyed your golf the other day and are having a happy weekend!xx

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