Thursday, October 6, 2011

By Invitation Only: 'It is in the details...'

Hello lovelies. It is that time of the month again when I join an impressive and talented group of international bloggers that post under the label 'By Invitation Only' (founded by my dear friend Marsha Harris).

On the first Tuesday of every month we post an interpretation of a given theme - in what ever flavour and flair we may individually fancy. 
Last month's post was based on William Henry Channing's 'Symphony' (HERE) and I read some truly spectacular posts from the 'BIO' participants.  
This month the inspiration comes from French writer Gustave Flaubert (best known for his novel 'Madame Bovary') who founded the saying 'Le bon Dieu est dans le détail' meaning that it's all about the details...

Life's most memorable moments are often made up of fine detail that stick out and make that specific time/place/person special - i.e. the so called 'the little things'.. A smell, a specific colour, a piece of music, the way someone speaks, a particular way of preparing a dish, a small gesture that makes all the difference.. This can be good or bad, and often the margin between the two also lays in the fine details.. One small twist and those 'little things' can change perfection into utter disaster - and vice versa.. :) That's what makes life so unpredictable, fun, and such a wonderful learning experience don't you think..!?!

Though tempting to philosophically dwell on the beauty of life and those situations where 'details' play a major part (which btw is all the time if you ask me..!), I have chosen to stay lighthearted and in line with a simple but true passion of mine - namely table decor... Or as I prefer to look at it; creating an ambient, warm, and enjoyable eating experience. And as with everything else in life, table decor is ALL about the details..!

Since early childhood I remember my mother preparing for dinner parties with great attention to detail. The linen was starched & pressed, the silver polished, crystal glasses washed & hand dried. There were always flower arrangements scattered through out the house. Candles were pre-lit as to ensure they would burn evenly by the time the guests arrived. Special foods was ordered from select suppliers, then prepared and served in the most mouth watering way possible (my mother is a wonderful cook!).
My dad would line our driveway with lanterns, and inside out, our home would glow with welcoming warmth. Nothing would be left to fait - every detail was carefully considered, lovingly attended to and every effort made to ensure our guests would feel valued and cared for.

My somewhat hectic life may not allow me to go to the same extent as my amazing parents (my mother would even hand comb the fringes on the rugs.. !), but one thing I am very particular about (and sensitive to..) is the ambience created at meal times...! I will always make an effort to create a beautiful table and pleasant mood even if it means just lighting a few candles at breakfast time to ensure the kidlets wake up with a sense of love & care. A little goes a long way in the wee hours of a school day.. 
When it comes to weekend meals (formal or casual..) I love to take it a bit further''... As do these wonderful Autumn tables... Some have made their rounds around the blog universe for some time but they are still worthy of 'detail studying'.. Enjoy! x

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Have a lovely rest of the week friends.

xx Charlotta 

Image credits: 1. B.I.O logo designed by Shari of the Little Blue Deer, 2. Made by me :), 3/7/9/10/13. Pinterest, 4. Martha Stewart, 5. Dustjacket Attic, 6. Sunday in Bed, 8. Casa Très Chic, 11. Enchanted Dream Weddings, 12. Country Living.


Simone said...

What a stunning post, absolutely beautiful!!

Hope you are well & enjoying life back in Sweden :) X

Dustjacket Attic said...

I love a beautiful table setting, really does set the mood (great idea for the morning too)your mother sounds quite amazing. Lovely photo's too.

Have a great day,
xxx DJ

Nuit said...

amazing post friend!!! it's a truly beautiful way to see details, I love table-setting also :) who doesnt, right? xox

Olga said...

Beautiful images so crisp & fresh. Very tranquil feeling.

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

lovely post, Charlotta! I adore to take care of details too. table settings are one of my weaknesses... thanks for the inspiration! xo

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