Friday, October 28, 2011

Swedish affair with Affari..

Hello lovely people! One of my favourite Swedish decor brands is 'Affari AB'.
Located in the South of Sweden this small, privately owned company was founded in 1998 by a group of four people who at the time sold only candles and candle related products. However their vision and passion for finding unique and stylish decor items from around the world made them grow, and today they sell a wide range of stunning hand selected pieces for indoor as well as outdoor use.

I am mad about their products and have several pieces in my home. My latest purchase is a large (and very heavy) ice tub in cast aluminium. I can see it used all year around in an array of scenarios (e.g. drinks, fruit, twigs, candles etc) but for now I intend to fill it with Hyacinths (like in the picture below) for my Christmas buffet table. It will be surrounded by candles, Pine or Juniper tree branches, and of course a parade of Swedish seasonal delicacies. I think this will look nice.. What do you think darlings?

I have also placed an order for a wonderful (and big!) three tiered tray, also in solid cast aluminium (below). 
It too will make its debut in December when I intend to fill it with nuts, home made truffles and perhaps a load of ginger biscuits. I can't wait for it to arrive!

There are so many things I want from this company and I know I'll be adding some of their rustic pots (in their perfectly distressed (mossy) drained terracotta / white clay execution..). 

And oh perhaps a trio of hammered silver plated pots too... I have seen them with baby Myrtle trees and also with chunky charcoal coloured candles, and both look great!

I also adore their royal chandeliers. There are several in their collection but I like the simplicity of the one below... 

And what about some selected galvanized sheet metal urns & tubs (yum), and/or a duet of concrete candle sticks (the big ones!)..

I can so see this one filled with ruby red apples.. or filled with Spring twigs..

And don't get me started on their carved panels (below).. I never knew MDF could look so sexy people..! I can see this one being used as a wall decoration, window panel, and/or as a table top (with glass on top). 

**Sigh.. so many things to drool over here don't you think!?!. I especially love the way the catalogue has been styled this year - timelessly Swedish with a nice edge. Let's dream together through some final pictures from their most recent catalogue..

Cute bins to fill with stylishly wrapped Christmas presents don't you think..!?!

Isn't this candle buffet just heaven.. Especially with the simple window treatment. 

These reindeer are super cute and come in two sizes. I can see a couple in the kids' room for Christmas..!

And true to their roots, Affari still makes the most wonderful candles and candle products.. Loving their lantern (the tall ones with those fabulous big rings at the top..!).

With that I leave you with warm hugs and wishes of a fun Halloween weekend!

xx Charlotta

All images are via the Affari website and their '2011 Autumn/Winter Catalogue'. Jump across - you won't regret it!

I am personally not a big fan of 'Shabby Chic' style. It's nice but just not 'me'.
If you feel the same, do make sure you practice restraint when decorating with your Affari pieces. They need a backdrop of 'preppiness' and uncluttered/clean settings to work (in my humble mind). Less is definitely more if you want to avoid Shabby Chic..

If on the other hand you DO embrace 'Shabby Chic' style (below), there are plenty of 'French romantic' pieces in the Affari collection. Just layer them with lots of white and vintage, et voila!


rebecca said...

what a shabby cool chair!

A Perfect Gray said...

charlotta, those are some of the most lovely images I have seen in a while. so simply elegant. they make me admire swedish style all the more. less is more, here, no? such restraint is so refreshing! donns


Oh Charlotta I absolutely love these pieces! What a wonderful company. I think your plans for your pieces are just lovely :) xoxo

It's me said...

What a great things you show us today........lovely....we have also much christmass stuff in our shop right now......i must make pictures for the webshop this weekend.......enjoy lovely


I would go crazy in this store! Such beautiful things. Thanks so much for the nice comment today, Charlotta! I really appreciate it. xo

Franka said...

What a lovely style!

I like so many pieces!

♥ Franka

sue@solsticehome said...

simply lovely inspiration for any style!
thank you for sharing these photos

Kerry said...

Very beautiful things. And I love your 'candle buffet' expression :)

anita said...

This is the exact look of the store I'm currently working in.
Last year I would've thought it much too shabby and not a huge fan....but it has definitely grown on me.
Gorgeous photos!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest,

I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS POST and I agree with your final statement. I happen to like Shabby Chic ONLY IF....ONLY IF, as you beautifully say, to be careful with what else you put with it. I am inclined to feel that Shabby Chic works best with AUTHENTIC VINTAGE pieces, not plastic or reproductions. And keeping a certain minimalist feel is SO IMPORTANT! Oh dearest, thank you for coming to visit with me. It is always so nice to see you and I LOVE SWEDISH DESIGN!

Happy FRIDAY! Anita

Yuko said...

Very beautiful! I'm not a big fun of Shabby Chic either, but this restricted color palette and the combination of rustic elements paired with more refined details work for me. I just came across your blog and will be scrolling back for more great posts:)

Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

I have to agree. Beautiful...though some restraint is required.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

This post has me so excited for Christmas! The little trees are so sweet! xx

Sallie said...

Beautiful! Is there anywhere these can be purchased in the US? Thank you.

Nuit said...

ok, the three tiered tray is AMAZING!!!! and so many of the other items too, i agree with you completely my friend :) xooxox

Anonymous said...

That's quite a table setting in that photo towards the end. There are lots of beautiful details: the trailing evergreen and the scattered candles, the silver candelabras and the antique linens. Great inspiration for the fast-approaching holidays.
xo E + J

Kristin said...

Hi Charlotta! I'm not a shabby chic type either - never have been! Love your post today, it reminds me that Christmas is approaching. Can't wait actually!

Kristin xo

Audrie said...

Il tuo blog è sempre ricco di ispirazioni! Grazie per i tuoi suggerimenti. Buona giornata, ciao da Audrie

d e l i g h t said...

Your blog is absolutely lovely and inspiring. So glad to have found you this morning. A new follower.

Meera @ firstsense said...

Oh Charlotta, what a fabulous brand! I have just spent a rather long time drooling over their catalogue, lovely lovely lovely.

I love the items you have chosen, I am completely smitten by Affari AB. But I'm totally with you on your last point about less is more to avoid shabby chic.

Happy weekend, my lovely!

Meera xx

Sarah Klassen said...


First off, thank you for the lovely comments that you have left for me—reading them brings me joy :)

Secondly, this company is fabulous! It is difficult to believe they began with, essentially, candles. A slow growth is always best, and they have done a wonderful job at it. I actually clicked through their catalogue, enjoying everything, and I am so happy that you shared... very inspiring!

Thirdly, I agree very much so about shabby chic. (and a few of the comments that I read above) I dislike poor quality furniture that has been painted all white, as well as plastic, and poor quality reproductions. Authentic is ALWAYS best :)

Hope you are having a great weekend...

xx, Sarah

Emma at The Marion House Book said...

Perfect! I was just looking for things like this. Ways to dress up my holiday table. These are exactly what I had in mind.

Peggy and Fritz said...

Omg love everything. The images are gorgeous. Love that table with the mercury glass. I'm with you - I went through my shabby chic phase but prefer cleaner lines now mixed with rustic items and some people can't tell the difference between the want to be vs. Is authentic beautiful pieces. Love everything and it would mix well with any kind of room. Love those blue / gray walls. I need a trip to Sweden!

Geisslein said...

oh, I´m in love now... :o)
greetings from cloudy germany, geisslein

Anne said...

Dear Charlotta,

Thank you for the introduction to my new favorite catalog. I agree with you about the "less is more" philosophy. We have always shared similar tastes.

I have been away for quite awhile and want to say hello and wish you well. Things in my new-found life are good, and I am happier than ever. I hope that the move back home has exceeded all expectations. It must be tough, though, when your husband is gone for such an extended period of time. Sending you big hugs indeed! Love to you, my friend.


Mike said...

I love the candle holders you have for your candles. Where did you get them Charlotta?

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