Wednesday, December 7, 2011

By Invitation Only.. 'Some enchanted evening'..

Hello my dears! Hope you are enjoying my little 'Christmas guest post series'! Weren't Emma and Maria's posts just lovely!?! I loved reading about their Christmas inspirations and I can't wait to share the rest of the line up of bloggers extraordinaire. But today I am pausing the series in order to participate in this month's 'By Invitation Only' blog party.

You see we (the 'BIO girls') have been invited to a virtual Christmas party at the amazing house ( of our dear friend Tina of 'The Enchanted Home'.
No expense has been spared - there will be live music, carolers, tuxedo clad help, exquisite foods, and the champagne will not stop flowing.

Our brief for today's post is to reveal what we will wear to this 'enchanted evening' and what we will bring as a 'hostess gift' for our dear Tina. 
So I poured myself a cup of tea and sat down to browse my favourite fashion sites in search for a dress. Having reviewed a whole raft of fab designers and pieces I settled for the 'Lifechanger' dress by Australian designer duo 'Sass & Bide'.

  Sarah- Jane Clarke (sass) & Heidi Middleton (bide)

I simply adore the girls behind the label, and their fresh take on fashion as a whole. The 'Lifechanger dress' has a full length gathered muslin skirt and an amazing embroidered bustier with a strong ethic / tribal feel. I love that it's simple yet unique, elegant yet quirky and formal whilst also being fun & different.

Underneath that gorgeous cascade of soft black muslin I would hide a pair of Gucci 'Houston' platform heels, that really would continue to emphasize that stunning vertical line of the dress (very flattering in these times of indulgence..ahem!).

My hair would be pulled up in a bun of some sort, and the make up mainly focused on dramatic eyes, and flawless glowing skin (all over). 

As for jewelry, I would layer quite a few chunky 'Smashed' bangles on my arm, thread on a pair of 'Pointed tip' earrings to balance the sleek hair, and also slip a black onyx 'Doodle' ring on my finger (all pieces by Orit London). 
Nothing whimsical or too ornate (I am not a girly-girl), just something to enhance the ethnicity of the dress and to add some subtle glitz. Or as Marsha puts it, "It is Christmas after all, and we must all sparkle"! I love you Marsha! xx
Apart from the full length, black 'Opera cloak' I would be wearing on top of the dress upon arrival, that is it. No more no less.. Well apart from the 'hostess gift' of course, which would be a lovely 24 karat gold plated 'Whish bone' from Sue de Chiara's wonderful e-boutique 'The Zhush'.

I simply love these and intend to get one for myself after the mad rush to Christmas. They look as lovely on the table as they do framed and hung on the wall! 


Dear Tina, the night has truly been enchanting and I thank you for your kind invitation. Marsha darling we love your 'By Invitation Only' and thank you too for always bringing us such wonderful inspiration!

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Big kisses from the North!

xx Charlotta


Splenderosa said...

Both Tina & I are so happy you came to the party, Charlotta. And, your style is absolutely glorious for your age and lifestyle. OMG, that Wish Bone from Sue is fabulous, I completely agree. So, if you are wearing those gorgeous shoes do you think you could come up to my shoulder? :)'s Merry Christmas, darling

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Love your dress choice Charlotta.....we are all going to make a spectacular site !!
Your gift is perfect....Tina will love itr !!
See you at the party ! XXXX

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh gotta love Sass & Bide (lovely girls). Great style Charlotta and love the hostess gift!

Ann said...

I love your style, Charlotta. What an entrance you made!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Absolutely...fabulous style. And those eyes...Definitely need some tips from you. It's going to be so much fun. XO, Mona

quintessence said...

Great picks - I so wish I could get my hair into one of those fabulous do's!!!

Fifi Flowers said...

ooooh splendid look!

Greet said...

Love your dress and your shoes and make up!!!! All also my style!!! You will look gorgeous!!
I wished the party was for real!!

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely post. I really like those bangles... and the wishbone too !

In a recent post you mentioned your glogg recipe, will you please share it or point me towards a good recipe elsewhere ?

Thank you in advance.


Alena: Oh, It's Just Perfect! said...

That dress is absolutely stunning!! Those shoes + the jewelry = one amazing outfit!!!

Lisa said...

It's been delightful meeting you and tonight I've been able to spend some time here at your wonderful blog.
Yes that was some enchanted evening wasn't it!
Thank you for your sweet comment.

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