Monday, January 9, 2012

A 'Clean' start..

Darlings, time has come for me to leap into my very first 'cleanse' for the year. Yep, it's 'detox time'..!


As much as I have loved the abundant & carefree eating habits of the holiday period (I would have it no other way!) I have definitely reached a point where I want to give my body a much needed break so that it can readjust, recover and rejuvenate.

Those of you who read me regularly will know that my life consists of 3-4 detox routines per year. They help me stay healthy & happy, and infuse my life with a raft of positive side effects in health, appearance, performance, and just generally in a sense of wellbeing & inner peace that is hard to beat!
If you are new to the concept of detoxing/cleansing, please READ THIS POST for a good introduction. 

via Sweet Paul Magazine

Though of course you inevitably loose a little bit of weight on a good 'detox programme', it is important to know that it is not a 'diet'!
In fact I am hugely against any depriving diets or detox programmes such as the 'lemon detox' because cleansing is not about starving or alienating your body from vital nutrition, but rather to maximise it.

You should only really withdraw those substances that add congestion, toxins and pollution to your organs - such as meats, salt, sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, nicotine, yeast, heavy metals, chemicals etc. Actually not only do you need to withdraw these, but also replace them with generous amounts of the right kinds of food - ones that are packed with nutrients and beneficial properties that will give your body the fuel it requires in order to perform the taxing tasks of elimination, detoxing, and healing.

Of course there are thousands of 'cleansing and detoxing' programmes out there. What works for me may not work for you, hence I urge each and every one to think hard and carefully about what is achievable and what will fit into your particular life style. 
It is also important to think about 'why' you want to cleanse your body because there are many programs out there that can help you achieve a specific goal such as;
- boosting your immune system
- breaking a candida cycle
- restoring the ph balance
- clearing heavy metals in your body
- detoxing the liver or/and kidneys
- expelling parasites
- recovering from long term or chronic illness 
etc etc..
Though tempting to dive deeper into one specific area, I usually prefer to do more of a 'general cleanse' where I focus on expelling toxins from all my key organs (stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, gallbladder, lungs, and skin). By doing this I allow my body to benefit somewhat from all of the above categories, though of course I can not reap the deeper rewards of a fully targeted programme.
I also want to say that even if you decide to cut out only one or two toxic things from your daily life and keep the rest the same, you will benefit. For example, you may decide to go at it without coffee, sugar, bread, dairy, meat, wheat or alcohol for a couple of weeks (the longer the better) - that too will have a tangible and positive effect on your health & appearance. 
Start by doing some research into some of the health areas/issues that concern you personally - e.g. tiredness, sluggishness, insomnia, bloating, mood-swings, breakouts, depression, joint ache, or what ever else may disrupt your life - and cut out a few known toxins that tend to cause those.

As my regular readers will know, I have grown fond of a 'detox programme' by Australian brand 'GNC Live Well' (I am not sponsored!) and I have used their so called 'detox kits' for years with great results. 
Other good programmes that are also excellent are:
1. Susan Cabot's 'Liver Cleansing Diet
90% of all people have over loaded livers! And this is not due to over consuming on alchol or drugs, but from living 'an average life' in today's world. Susan's books are eye opening and very well researched. I highly recommend this one for any/everyone!
2. 'The Life Tree' Cleanse
This company seems to have a great approach to health and living. I am so keen to try their cleansing programme. Including a 'parasite cleanse'! Maybe next time..
3. 'The Goop Cleanse' (by Gwyneth Parltrow) 
I am not a huge fan of 'meal replacement plans' but Gwyneth knows what she's talking about so I am endorsing this one.
And whilst you are over at 'Goop' please read THIS article on stress! xx

Of course you don't need a so called 'kit' or 'programme' do to a cleanse - you really can go at it without any herbal supplements or set plans! For me personally though, it is a lot easier to stick to the detox if I have something tangible to hang on to. My 'detox kit' keeps me focused & motivated, and by the time the 2 weeks of supplements have run out I am so much on track that I don't need them to keep on going. In fact I have been known to go on for up to nine weeks with enthusiasm and great results!


Also, the herbal supplements assist certain areas of your body to expel the stored toxins. They make the elimination process a lot more efficient, and in some cases also quicker because their properties specifically target certain areas of your body.
The not so great aspect of the herbs is that the detox side effects tend to get more pronounced. The head- & joint aches, nausea, tiredness and what ever else you may feel will be better or worse pending on how toxic your body is. Though hard, the knowledge that the process is working keeps me going - i.e. the pain proves to me how much pollution is in my body, making it easier to push through.

This particular cleanse will be a tough one - not only because it is Winter (it's easier in Spring and Summer!) but mostly because I have totally allowed myself too much of the good stuff since returning to Sweden a few months ago. I have loved this 'free ride' thoroughly but now it's time to get back on track. I am set to do this (!) and I know that the few days of feeling 'under the weather' will give way to a more energetic & happier me!

Ok darlings, I am making myself hungry with all this talk about food so I better stop..! :)
I am kicking the detox off in the next week, and I welcome anyone who wishes to join me. Though I am not an expert, nor do I have any formal education in digestive function or detoxing I am happy to coach you through this as best I can.

Big hugs
xx Charlotta


Acquired Objects said...

I've never done a detox and have to be honest anything that makes me give up my morning cappuccino is probably not for me. I just prefer to eat well, foods from the earth and fish several times a week. Move to the country and you won't have stress, the air is clean and you actually have to move as in exercise everyday and get reflexology. I am curious though you should tell us what your detox entails and can you do it for a week. Thank you for sharing.


Stacey said...

Golly C,
I'm so tempted to join you on this one! Last year, I said that I would come with you for the ride when you started the next cycle. HOWEVER, since i am now being a "fountain of life,"(:-)), it seems like now may not be the best time to detox. However, I guess I could cut out some things though like sugar etc... XX

tinajo said...

Good for you! :-)

Simone said...

I've never a detox but this is a fascinating read Charlotta, I will be coming back to refer to it later and read the links you suggested,

I am in fact starting a Juice Detox today, a 7 day one :) Was interested to read what you have to say. I may check in with you next week on how I found it :)

I would like to make it a regular event for me so this post you have written is really valuable.

Enjoy starting your today! X

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Thanks for the detox tips! I am so with you, after recent indulgences I feel the need to look after myself a little more. Start: no alcohol for a month! :) xx

Anonymous said...


You do not know me; however I am a Portuguese fun of your blog. My Name is Maria Bernardes and I must say that every year around this time I also “detox” me!!

Congratulations on your blog, and Happy New Year.


designchic said...

I've never tried one, but perfect way to start the New Year!

Alena: Oh, It's Just Perfect! said...

You provided such great advice and I'm going to check out those other cleanses. We've done the Clean cleanse and really loved it. We might join you next week and get back into healthy eating mode since we went a little crazy over the Holidday's :)

Vanessa@Luxuria said...

What a fabulously informative post. I've never detoxed altho' I do take a liver detox supplement all year. I will certainly check out the links you have mentioned, and will follow with all my attention how your detox goes. I may then just have the courage to start one myself ;-) TYSM for this really detailed and informative post xx

manvi @ mochatini said...

happy new year darling. i am sooo with you about the cleanse and systems needs it bad..hubby has been so good with his going veggie for a month..i need to jump on this ship asap. have a great week!!

Mary said...

Very interesting read...I've never done a cleanse or detox, but I do go through periods where I quit certain things for a while (alcohol, for one), and I do try hard to maximize the healthy foods in my diet. (But give up dairy? Never!) And I do understand the desire to put an end to the gluttony that is December. My goals have been to drink more water, eliminate alcohol for a bit, and ramp up the exercise. Good luck!

AtelierDecor said...

love the detox concept!!


Atelier Decor

Punctuation Mark said...

i got once really sick by doing one of those cleanses from Whole Foods and since then haven't done one... I cook mostly with natural ingredients and drink a detox tea on a regular basis...

Splendid Willow said...

I salute you, Charlotta! I would like to try - and I sure could need it after munching on handfuls of black Liquorice for the last couple of days! - but I simply don't have the will power! I am so weak!!!!

Talk about a fresh start of the year! You go girl!



Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

a healthy detox is fabulous good luck! as you say it is hard to do without the 'evils' in winter xox

shopgirl said...

Hi Charlotta,

This is some really interesting information and advice. It looks like you've definitely done your homework and have had a lot of experience with this.

Wishing you well and a fantastic year!

Warm hugs! Reese

Karena said...

Charlotta I will look into this! You always look like you are glowing. I have cut way back on sugar, alcohol,red meat etc. This IS my year to get strong and healthy.


Art by Karena

Tina said...

Hej Hjärtat!
Det här låter ju onekligen INSPIRERANDE. Jag beundrar dig för din viljestyrka och karaktär- denna har dessvärre gått mig helt förlorad.
Underbara bilder som alltid- Du fyller vår värld med glädje och hopp och det är med lätta fötter jag går vidare i dagen...

Med Kärlek och Kramar

Gwen Driscoll said...

Need to join you & I'm thinking about it! Happy day!

A Casa da Vá said...

Charlotta, what a great way to start the year - love the idea! I have always wanted to do a detox 3 day kinda program, so I will read through the ones you recommended, thank you friend!

Happy new years!
Hugs & kisses from South Florida,

Vanya Wilkinson said...

Well done Charlotta, I'm very impressed! I am just about to start a gaul bladder cleanse...... Should be good I think :)

Just wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, in your new Swedish home!

Endless Inspiration is back in business, so stop by and say hello sometime :)

Best wishes

Vanya x

design elements said...

this post inspires, Charlotta! I ve done the detox by Andreas Moritz. It s very good. Happy Tuesday and big hugs

Lana {lanalou style} said...

Good luck Charlotta, I know you can do it! Thanks for the inspiration, it's also on my New Year's list to cut down on a few things but I think I'll try a little harder after reading this xx

DueAlberi said...

Joyful and uplifting, love everything in you post!

pretty pink tulips said...

I know I should do this...and reading all about the different options is a step in the right direction. The thought of giving up all my vices at once makes me nervous but also makes me realize that I need to work on cleaner living! (coffee and champagne aren't all that bad, right?!)

I'll be tracking your progress...and maybe I can take baby steps.

It's freezing here in NY today, so all I can think about is hot cocoa!

Good luck...big hugs!
xoxo Elizabeh

Emma at The Marion House Book said...

Oh I feel like I need to do a detox but being pregnant it's maybe not the best idea. Perhaps, I will just start by eliminating caffeine and sugar for a couple of weeks. I've already given up the alcohol!

Casa Très Chic said...

I must try this - here in Brasil it wouldn't be that hard, we have so many vegetables and fruits and a delicious mineral water and all kinds of seafood.As I said, I'm tempted to try this, let's see.
Warm hugs to you.

Splenderosa said...

I do not know how you do this so religiously! I am so not this disciplined. However, as you know I'm on my own kind of health kick, which is like the Adkins diet sort of. I've lost 6 pounds (YES!) and am feeling wonderful. Sending love, cookie...

Noe @ ADELLA AVENUE said...

Thanks for this. It's nice to have some suggestions for a cleanse, especially since I have never done one. Hope all is well, Charlotta!

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