Friday, March 2, 2012

Leaping into Spring..

Hi darlings.
I am so thrilled to report that there has been a real shift in the air here in Sweden and we can feel the very first signs of Spring!!

Though I am sure we might get at least one more blizzard before the sun wins over the frost, the ground is actually bare this week! And the light has returned which makes such a difference! In the not too distant future nature will explode in a parade of life and colours - the best time of the year don't you think!?! Happy happy!! :)

It has been so long since I posted properly and a lot has happened.. 
The detox went so well and I carried on strictly for about six weeks with great results. I feel cleaner, leaner & more energized, and love that many of the good habits of the detox have stayed with me. E.g. I have eliminated cow's milk and sugar in my diet. I also continue to eat wholefoods and raw foods, which add to the feeling of 'inner glow'. I will definitely go 'all raw' for a week or so later this Spring!

Your detox emails and comments have been a lovely support and with the number of questions I have received I thought I'd start a little 'detox series' where I go through my learnings over the years as well as share food tips and motivations. 
I'll kick this off soon and hope that it will inspire you to start your own journey towards a cleaner and healthier life. I can guarantee that you won't have any regrets!

I am also so excited to tell you that I was finally able to catch up with my long term and close blog sister Monika of 'Splendid Willow' when she visited Stockholm a few weeks ago. It was our very first 'real life meeting' but felt far from it. She is even lovelier in real life, and we spent a few very precious hours together.

As you know Monika also runs a brilliant e-boutique..

... click on the banner above and you will be able to enjoy a very well curated collection of hand picked Scandinavian items that will feel current for years to come!

images from Splendid Willow Avenue
I just purchased a pair of orange Ilse Jacobsen boots for Spring. What better colour to compliment a grey and rainy day!?

More fun news! I am so thrilled to tell you that we welcomed our beloved cat Bella Busk to Sweden a few weeks ago. 
Like a champion, she flew all the way from Sydney to Stockholm and arrived tired but well. I can't tell you how happy the kids and I are to have her with us, and now that Bella Busk is thoroughly cuddled and acclimatised, she is bushy tailed and bright eyed again!

More reasons to be happy..! 
We have booked tickets to Paris for March when Marshall comes to Sweden. Mais oui! :))
Two days in the city and two days at Disneyland Paris. Is there anything lovelier than Springtime in Paris..!?!

by Peter Rutherhagen

More great news to come this Spring I am sure.. There is simply so much to be grateful for and I am sincerely LOVING life back in my beloved Sweden!
Big hugs to all and wishes of a happy weekend ahead!
xx Charlotta


stricksonne said...

hallo, charlotta, die bilder sind sehr witzig, das springende lamm und ihre weiße katze, ich mag tiere sehr!!! ganz liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland

Charlotta Ward said...

Dear Angie - thank you for your comment. Yes I too love animals and that little sheep is so adorable!! :)
My cat Bella is a sweet heart and this picture was taken when we still lived in Australia. She is a couple of years older now but still so beautiful and graceful.

Have a lovely Spring down there in Germany.

x Charlotta

Kate of All things.. said...

Hi Charlotta, it's great to hear about your detox journey. Being 'cleaner, leaner and more energised' is definitely something I would like to achieve, looking forward to your detox series..

Kate x

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Your joy is jumping off the screen - just like that cute lamb :)
Very happy for you and am quite looking forward to reading the detox series. I went off sugar for 10 days and felt good. I'm not sure I could go longer than that but am anxious to learn a little bit more.
Paris in the Spring?? Sounds simply divine.

Lise M. said...

Wow what a lovely sweet post! I'm so exited about spring. I feel it's just around the corner!!! Can't wait to see the sun again! How are you? I hope we can meet up in Amsterdam for Meet the Blogger on June 9, 2012 Check it out here:

Talk soon!

It's me said...

All great news darling...happy

Karena said...

So much exciting news Charlotta!!

Your joyous sheep is so darling!!

Art by Karena

Splenderosa said...

Oh, my love, what good good news. Marshall, the kids and you all together in Paris! So wonderful. I can tell you are happy which makes me smile. And, one can't tell, Charlotta, I may be the next one to visit you in Sweden. Wouldn't that be fun? xx's darling one

Nuit Hernandez said...

awww I am so happy to hear all of these great news!!!!!!!!!!! first of all, I've always felt huge admiration for you with the detox, you are such an inspiration in so many ways my dear. Second, that first image of spring and the little guy jumping happily just killed me with cuteness! and third, the Paris trip sounds amazing, i am so happy for your family!!! many hugs and kisses !!! xoxoxoxoxxo

Casa Très Chic said...

Charlotta, I´m grateful for the huge pleasure I feel by reading your blog, it delights me.
You´re such an interesting person, have so much to teach, yes teach.
Love the rabbits pictures and your new boots are great.
Wish you (your family and at included) a sunny weekend.

anita said...

So much happy news!
And I love your new boots!!

designchic said...

Well what a happy time...adore your new boots and is there anyone lovelier than her and her beautiful blog!!

Sarah B said...

Lovely news all round :)
I'm so impressed that you have given up sugar. I need to lessen my intake but I have no willpower!
Paris in springtime? I'm trying hard not to be jealous :)

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

hi Charlotta! I've never been in Paris in spring, but I guess it must be simply merveilleux! the end of summer is coming here in Patagonia... I'm enjoying my last days at the beach. hope you're having a beautiful weekend, darling! xo

abercrombie Outlet said...

spring is coming, liking spring's warm. Very happy for you and am quite looking forward to reading the detox series. I went off sugar for 10 days and felt good.

Tina said...

Hej Rara!
Underbar post, fylld av glädje, tacksamhet och en känsla av magisk förväntan.
Åh, sötaste Bella- så gott att allt gått bra!!!
Såg precis filmen 'Midnatt i Paris'- vad kan väl vara mer fantastiskt än att få möta våren just där!? Så glad för din skull, det nästan pirrar i magen på mig med:).
Massor med kramar och Önskan om en helt, helt underbar Vår!

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