Thursday, May 10, 2012

DETOX: 03 Reap the rewards..

Hello everyone!  We are enjoying wonderful Spring weather here in Sweden which makes me smile with my whole body! And it is in the spirit of reborn energy I want to talk to you about the positive aspects of detoxing - i.e. the rewards.

As we all know, there are a few not-so-pleasant side-effects at the start of a detox programme, but these are usually short lived. Better yet they are by far outnumbered by the positives, and the way I see it; if I can feel the detox process it means it is working, and that is good! 
It may also be comforting to know that all the good effects kick in simultaneously to the bad ones, and will continue to unfold and deepen the longer you continue. The nasties however will wear off in a matter of days, and you can also speed up the elimination process by flushing your system with lots of filtered water.

As I have mentioned before, detoxing maximizes the body's ability to clean itself, increase its absorption of nutrients, heal and generally just restore energy and stamina. It allows your body to eliminate toxic waste, medicine residue, heavy metals, parasites and congestion stored in vital organs and fatty tissue. All of which will allow your body to balance itself in every way, which leads to a deep feeling of well-being and harmony.
When this process is in action you will start noticing your appearance improve. Others will too!

For must people the external benefits are the most fun to experience, though they are of course completely reliant on the  positive effects that take place on the inside.
Your skin may start off looking a little dull, and you may even experience the odd 'break-out'. {If these are located on your chin they are most likely hormone related and if they appear on your cheeks they tend to be linked to your digestion.} Over-all try not to worry to much about this as it will pass quickly. It is just your body expelling waste through the skin, which is your body's largest organ. {You may look at it as your very own 'Brita filter'.} Once the skin has expelled the pollution that has bee released into your blood stream from your vital organs you will start to look and feel wonderful!

Though I try to keep a reasonably healthy lifestyle outside of detoxing, I notice a real difference in how I feel in the morning when I keep a 'normal' diet {which tends to include coffee BTW..}. Even if I go to bed fairly early I don't really feel completely rested in the morning. I find that I linger in bed longer, that it takes more time to 'wake up' and that I generally feel a little sluggish. During a cleanse I experience the opposite - I wake up earlier and actually feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed right from the start. I also tend to look rested which needless to say is a welcome change! :)

If you suffer dry, patchy, uneven or dull skin you will find that these problems will vastly improve. As will bloating, water retention, joint problems, digestive issues (you will be frequent during your detox..!), puffiness, and stiffness.
Your hair will also look and feel better, and you will notice you shed less during your detox simply because you eliminate toxins and replace them with vital nutrients! {This is why a 'lemon detox' is not a good idea. Your body needs nutrition to heal, something water and lemon won't provide alone!} 

Another thing you will notice after a few days of detoxing is that you smell better. Yes really! As groce as this topic may feel to some I want to bring it up.. Your perspiration, 'toilet-output', and breath will all improve. And frankly these aspects of your life should never really smell bad, they just do because they are not working properly. For instance, your digestive system is probably not working at 100% which leads to congestion in your intestines. When waste produce is not pushed through your system as quickly as it should it turns toxic and smelly. 
Same thing for your breath, which of course is reliant on your stomach being in tip top shape. As an experiment, check the colour and texture of your tongue {look way back}.. In a healthy body the tongue will be pink, moist and free from fungal residue, blisters etc.  The 'average person' who lives on a 'normal diet' will most often find their tongue has a 'coating' of varying colour - grey, white, greenish or even brown. They may also experience blisters or mouth ulcers from time to time. They may even get regular cold sores. All of this can be prevented (and treated) through keeping the bodily balance in check.
Just generally the tongue is a great measuring stick for how your body feels and looks on the inside (as are the irises of your eyes and also your skin), and it's always interesting to check before and after a detox. The difference will surprised you!

I know this post is getting long by now, but I really want to tell you about as many positive side-effects as possible.
Apart from the above external and (shall we say) 'social' benefits, you will also notice an sense of inner peace and harmony. You will feel calmer, less restless, more even in your mood, more centered, focused and in control. 
When I detox I also tend to feel more loving, positive, open and connected. In short, your 'presence' and 'energy' will improve, which often leads to positive comments.

Another welcome treat is that your senses tend to awaken - you will notice your sense of smell, taste, and hearing improve first, closely followed by an increased sense of touch, and vision. Your eyes will feel more lubricated, less itchy, brighter and clearer (they look it too!). 
If you suffer allergies or hay fever you will most definitely notice an improvement, and you may find your sinus problems lessen too. I tend to feel a real relief in my nose - as if I have used a reliever. Just a much fresher, clearer and easy flowing sensation when breathing.
If you tend to wake up with puffy eyes or dark circles (often related to liver congestion or allergies), you can look forward to a real improvement (usually after a couple of weeks). {Actually I tend to feel less puffy all over, even during that very special (or not so special) week of the month..!}

Even if stamina, flexibility, suppleness and deep breathing will improve please don't push your bodies with strenuous exercise during your detox programme. I know it's tempting to ride the surge of energy, but it is important that you allow your body to focus its energy on healing and cleaning rather than restoring itself after heavy exercise. That said, a gentle jog, brisk walk, yoga, tai chi, swimming and light pilates are great ways to support and enhance the detoxification process. In fact breaking a sweat is one of the most effective ways to expel toxins (use a sauna if you have access to one!). 
Deep breathing is also a vital way to shed toxins, and speaking of which, you will notice a real improvement in your quality of breath. Your lungs will be more fit to take in and channel oxygen to your body, and with every exhale you will shed stored pollution. So take deep and deliberate breaths people!

OK lovelies, I could go on and on about this but I'll leave it at this for today. 
I hope you enjoyed this post, and that answered some of your questions. I also hope some of the benefits I highlighted today encourages you to start your own cleansing journey.

Sunny hugs and good health to all!

xx Charlotta


jeanette from everton terrace said...

Of course all of these benefits sound wonderful. I am tired so often, even when I wake so it sounds great. I drink no caffeine but so often feel I need it.

Sarah Klassen said...

This is something I really need to do. My skin especially has been complaining terribly! Thank you for the encouragement—I bet the results are so worth the effort :)

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

I want to feel all of these wonderful things. Could you give me so guidance on books to read so I could do a start a healthy detox.

Stacey said...

I've been waiting on this post. Now that summer break is coming, i'll have time to give this a shot wholeheartedly. Like the anon commenter, I'd appreciate any suggestions. I am still not sure if I can give up coffee:-). I also just received a wonderful cappucino maker for Mother's Day too!

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

wow amazing post Charlotta! you're almost convincing me... although giving up coffee, chocolate, wine and other delicious things seems too difficult for me to do! hope you have a beautiful weekend, darling!

caroline @ patagonia gifts and jewelry

Casa Très Chic said...

love the way you put in words the fabulous benefits of detox.
Since I'm planning to do the same, I'll come here to read again and again (please, understand, I must your encouragement).

Now, thank you for your link, always so lovely.
Have a splendid new week.

Anonymous said...

I am tired of detoxes..I get tired and angry haha:)
have a great week

LOVE Maria at

Roberta said...

This post is so inspiring! Please send a link to a gook cleanse if you can. Thanks! Roberta

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello and thank you so much for your comments!

Jeanette - I know that feeling so well. Try cutting down on coffee for a while before you go all out. You will feel great! xx

Sarah - Yes, the results are by far worth the effort. And it gets easier for every time I do a cleanse. Good luck with yours! xx

Anonymous - Thank you for your interest. I will share a few good programs in a post very soon. In the meantime you can look back at some of my previous Detox posts (look in my cloud menu). xx

Stacey - Hi darling. What a brilliant present. I can imagine it is the perfect gift for a busy mother of two beautiful young men!
Darling a detox is a controlled and limited programme, and you will only need to live without those creamy yummy caps for two to four weeks. Then you can go back to normal again. You will feel amazing! xx

Carolina - I hear you on the chocolate but rest assured that the way you look and feel after a detox beats all the sweetness of chocolate and coffee! xx

Tereza - I love that you are going to do your very own cleanse. Please keep me posted. Maybe we can do our next ones together for support. xx

Maria - Yes they can be irritating but I still swear they are what keeps me going. Sometimes the most irritating things in life are the most useful.. :) xx

Roberta - I will share some good links in a post very soon. In the meantime you can look back at some of my previous detox posts (see the cloud menu) where I mention some good programmes. xx

Thank you again lovelies and happy weekend.

xx Charlotta xx

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