Friday, October 25, 2013

IKEA insta crush..!

Limed floors, matte near-black, distressed bricks, copper pots.. yum!

xo Charlotta


A Perfect Gray said...

how wonderful to see you back, charlotta. you will NOT believe this, but just last night I was thinking of you!!!

how are the kids? and you? hope you are all well and enjoying life.

so wonderful to see your post today...hope this is the signal of your return.

love, donna

Debra Phillips said...

a post from YOU!!
yeah charlotta, you have been so very missed. as donna mentioned, i sincerely hope this is a sign of more to come
warm hugs

Stacey said...

a beauty to behold and also this post from you! wonderful!:-)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Lovely... and lots of Drawers!!!

abdel barada said...

beautiful kitchen , find my selection of armchairs fauteuil relax

ingeniero Ernesto Ibáñez said...

Find your blog browsing the Web!!!!!
Excellent blog Charlotta !!!!!
Build your own house

Gretings from Venezuela.

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