Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kids rooms!

Creating a room for a child is so much fun.
Though there are a few safety-related issues to keep in mind,
there are generally less decor-rules to follow
when it comes to the look'n'feel.

I am a firm believer that children's rooms should not
be over-designed or resemble a catalogue showroom
where things are too neat and perfect.
Though these rooms may be visually pleasing to an adult,
they may make the child feel alienated and restricted.

A better option may be to create a less rigid environment
where the children can feel at ease, comfortable, and at home
with their things,and where their personality
and preferences are allowed to shine through.

Though you don't have to be too spars in your approach
it may be good to remember that children generally feel safer
& happier in environments where there is
some structure, order and predictability.

That said, you probably don't want to instill too many strict rules
on what toys go where and how tidy the room has to be.
In fact allowing enough space for a Lego construction
or a doll's tea party to be left out for a day or so is great,
and will allow the children to enjoy creative play
without stressing about the mess that may be made in the process.

Kids tend to love the imperfect and quirky
and often thrive in rooms that allow them to use their imagination.
So don't worry too much about colour matching or style pairing
as this will go lost on your little angel anyway.

Many children also love 'hand-me-down' pieces
and take great pride in owning something
that has belonged to a beloved friend, sibling or other relative
so don't be too concerned about using old pieces
or things with a contrasting style or colour in the decor as well.
(as long as they are safe and sound of course)

Overall though I think the key to any great room is
to create it with love and to have fun whilst doing it.

That more than anything will make your child happy.

Here are some nice rooms for inspiration.


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