Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Josef Frank

Josef Frank
One of my Swedish (actually Swedish-Austrian) favourites.
Though he may be most commonly known for his textiles,
Josef was in fact an also an architect, furniture designer,
and glass ware-, lighting- and metalwork- artist.

With Josef's philosophy that
"Every human needs a certain degree of sentimentality to feel free.."
he created over 200 textile patterns between 1909 and 1950.
Some of these are available at
wonderful Stockholm based
'Svenskt Tenn'.

Here is a (very) brief selection..

His fabrics (also translated into wallpaper) used in interiors..



Sassa said...

Hallo Charlotta,
I don´t think it´s true!!
I just told Anna Spiro
that she had to look at a swedish company(
I am a great fan of Joseph Frank and Svenskt tenn.
Great pictures! I love them!/Sassa

Susan Hemann said...

I just love his fabric, could you tell if if it's still available and where I might be able to get it? thank you!

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