Monday, August 10, 2009

Dust off your turban head piece and head on over...

Another great source of inspiration and a stylist's dream destination is Swedish store 'Raja', located at Odengatan 39, 113 51 Stockholm.

The 400 sq meter shop space hosts a rich collection of unique items from the Orient, as well as a fabulous cafe where you can kick back with a cup of Chai Tea and ponder on what to buy..

I would love to do an 'Arabian Nights' inspired

kids' room with some of these pieces...


1 comment:

Sassa said...

Hallo Charlotta,
It seams to be a very charming shop.
I haven´t heard of it even if should. I love the mixture from different countries.Even if I don´t live in Stockholm any longer I should know about it. I have really mist something!!!
Best regards

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