Monday, August 10, 2009

Hello my name is Heather..

I was a late discoverer of Heather Bailey,
and only started following her blog a year & a half ago.
(she started blogging in 2006..)

This extremely talented woman designs fantastic textiles,
paper crafts, sewing patterns and many more things,
all of which can be seen & bought via her website.

Heather's designs as well as her photograhpy
on her blog and website are fresh, crisp and vibrant.

It is a visual feast that is totally inspiring,
making the products impossible to resist..
... and of course I couldn't... today I picked up a pack of lovely patterned papers to use in my artwork.

Though the papers are so beautiful it pains me to cut them up,
I will love using them in my canvas work.
I will show you once I have completed one..


P.S. 1
Be sure to look at the photos from her studio/work room..

P.S. 2
Also, don't oversee her free patterns on her blog..

you can make this cute 'gift card box'..

..and these 'flower pin wheels'..

P.S. 3
...and the links to designs done by others using Heather's products.

P.S. 4
Heather's husband (Isaac) is a photographer.
Click 'here' to see his work..

P.S. 5
There is also excellent inspiration for styling projects..


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