Saturday, August 15, 2009

Elisabeth Hudson and Inspirational Spaces

I recently came across a wonderful blog,
'Inspirational Spaces'
by Elisabeth Hudson.

A photographer/writer for a series of great magazines
such as Elle Interiør, Design Interiør and Maison,
Elisabeth uses her blog to showcase some of her work.

She is also one of five recommended bloggers by
'Bolig Liv' magazine, and one I will continue to follow.

Here are some of the reasons why...

The above three images are from
photographer James Hudson's cottage in Sweden.

Photo artist Hanne Gundersen's home.

Mads Emil Garde's home in Enerhaugen.

Residential haven in Gamlebyen Oslo.

Children's playroom in Mette Berg's home.

Looking forward to see more of Mette's home
in Maison magazine soon...



Sassa said...

Hallo Charlotta,
You are so extremely clever.How do you manage to deliver so many interseting things on your blog??
I like everything you write and I´m learning so...... much !
I like it very much!!!!
Big hug from Sassa

Anonymous said...

Hej Sassa,
I love browsing magazines and do it daily. Boelig Liv and other titles from our neighbours in Denmark and Norway are wonderful.
Thanks for your sweet comment.

Kramar Charlotta

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