Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Food Store for Kids!

Pssst.. note that little orange door on the side... How cute!

Having gone from the fully catered and nurturing environment
of a daycare centre, year K parents are suddenly faced with a huge challenge.
*** !! The Lunch Box !! ***

Preparing healthy lunch box meals
for your little schoolie is no problem..
Preparing ones that actually get eaten
is another story all together!!

Entrepreneur and parent Matt Cohen
felt exactly that one day,
when a brilliant idea hit him -
A Whole Foods Store just for kids!

Cohen says: "If it’s beyond parents’ capabilities or time to cook,
they go to a place like Whole Foods for themselves.
Their kids deserve the same level of quality.".

With the help of a pediatric nutritionists and a marketing pro,
Matt set out to actualize his idea and soon
the first KidFresh store opened its doors
to grateful parents of Manhattan.

KidFresh is all about purity:
no preservatives, artificial flavors,
or Bloomberg-banned trans fats,
and most of the ingredients are organic.

Read more about this here and here..

C'mon Matt, what about Australia!!!


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