Sunday, August 23, 2009

House for sale in Salina, Italy

Remember the film 'Il Postino'?
Massimo Troisi's beautiful movie (his very last) about Paulo Neruda
and the timid & charming postman, Mario Ruoppolo..

The film is set on an island called Salina, in divine Italy.
It is one of eight islands in the Aeolian Island group
and one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

I was fortunate to spend a week of sailing here
about 12 years ago, and although our yacht was
stranded at Salina for two days due to a freak storm
(very intense memory of 48m/sec winds!)
I have the most wonderful memories from this trip.

I can so highly recommend anyone to go to
the Aeolian Islands and experience true magic.
These islands just make you grateful
that life & the world can be so beautiful!
The scenery, the food, the people and the houses...
it is all so authentic with beauty & scenery
that go far beyond what meets the eye.

Today I saw there is a house for sale there...
It actually reminds me a little of Paulo Neruda's house in the film..
I would love to tango here!

So, if you feel like:
- taking on a major renovation project..
- brushing up your Italian..
- handing over US$6.5 million..

Then click HERE for more details.. :)

Off to dream about that now..

Buonanotte tutti!


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