Monday, August 31, 2009

Ink & Spindle - boutique screen-printing studio

 The other day I fell in love with the fabrics by
Ink & Spindle boutique screen-printing studio.

As I wanted to share these wonderful hand printed creations,
I wrote to the girls who run Ink & Spindle to ask if
I could post them on my blog, and they said yes.
(Thank you girls!)

My favourites from their collection of hand screen printed
fabrics is are 'Birch Forest' (in organge or black)
and 'Blue Wren' (in charcoal or inky blue).


I would love to have large cuts of each of these to frame
and hang on the wall in our upstairs hallway and master bedroom.
Both of these would also translate so well onto wall paper,
and I would love to use them both in my work.

What is also very exciting is that I got an invitation to visit
their studio next time I am down in Melbourne.
I am so thrilled about this and can't wait
to see all this creative magic in real life!!

Until then, please see photographer Marcel Lee's
lovely pictures from the studio.

Photos by Marcel Lee.
To see Marcel's look book click HERE.

Ink & Spindle also provide fabrics for application
onto a wide range of items, and here are a few
highly tempting examples of this..

Fabulous Christmas present ideas, don't you think!!

To follow the Ink & Spindle blog
please click


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