Monday, August 31, 2009

Retro inspired rooms for children

Vintage and retro inspired wallpaper are great tools
 for when wanting to create a fun and colourful child's room.
Here are three examples of fun & playful decors
using a crazy mix match of patterns and colours.
Girl's Room 1
Boy's Room
Girl's Room 2


Here are a few examples of kid's furniture that have
been revamped with the use of retro wallpaper, 
wrapping paper or other ornamental paper.
If you take on a project like this at home,
make sure you make a template of the
area you wish to cover, before you cut
the ornamental- / wall- paper.
This way you can fit the pattern to the
piece before you start cutting.
It is also a good idea to varnish the
piece once the paper is in place, this
way it is safe to wipe and keep clean
with a wet cloth & soapy water.
Ask at your local hardward store
which brand and type of varnish to use.
If you are a confident paper cutter you could
make your own wall designs a la the ones
by Ubris or Ferm Living.

So take on that old chest of drawers, 
toybox, bed head, lampshade,
or table & chairs from IKEA.
Be bold, creative and have fun!
Please don't forget to show me your
creations once they are done.
I would love to see them so 
please email me your pictures!

Best of luck!


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