Friday, August 14, 2009

The Great Danes

Recently I stumbled across a wonderful Danish magazine
It looks like one that I would read regularly,
and I so wish I could pick up a copy at my local newsagent.

They have some great bloggers that I have added to my subscriptions
and that for sure will give much enjoyment and inspiration.

There is also has a very useful directory of web addresses
- all listed in categories such as 'Homes and Flea Market Finds',
'Creative Projects', 'All For Children' etc.

Here are a few examples
(apologies to my Danish friends if my translations aren't 100%..):

Bon Bon Kakku
Dream about designing your own textiles and have them produced?
This is a web shop where you can send in your own designs
and have them assessed by the owners who will
decide which designs get produced.
The most popular designs are sold by the meter for 25 euro pr. meter.

Winner of 'Winter 2009'

Trines - Loppefund
I fell in love with this one right away.
Trine who runs the shop loves flea market finds
and does not want the wonderful treasures to go lost.
She lovingly keeps the things un-restored so that the buyers themselves
can decide what 'personal touch' they want to put to the items.
All she wants is that (I quote)
"..all these wonderful old things with
soul and patina are not just erased, but that they move onto new owners
who value their unique look and also the fact that
they have a soul and history attached.".

I just love it!
She makes it feel like you are adopting
an abandoned pet from the local pound.
..and in a way that is exactly what you are doing..


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