Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sweet Swedish Summers


This 'water pump' picture makes me think of Sweden..
A modest device with so many great memories!
I know few people who can resist having a go
and it is always so much fun to hear the water approach,
and then see it splash out of the tap all over your feet!
Connected to your own water spring (deep underground well),
the hand operated pump is a great resource in summer.
Growing up, we had one at our 'summer house' in the South of Sweden,
and my sister and I loved using it.
We would wash our hair in it, use it to water the flowers,
fill up our drinking bottles, wash bikinis after a swim,
rinse the sand off our feet, have water fights...

Here are some more Swedish summer pictures:


1 comment:

Sassa said...

Har hittat din blogg genom Kristina ( The modern baby) Eftersom jag jobbar som textillärare och har en inredningsbutik blir jag riktigt glad och inspirerad när jag läser din blogg.
Började att blogga i juni, så jag lär mig något nytt varje dag!
Kram från Sassa

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