Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monster Magic

I can’t wait to see Maurice Sendak’s
‘Where The Wild Things Are’ (pub. 1963)
on the big screen later this year!

Maurice originally sold the animation rights to Disney back in the 80s,
however they decided not to go ahead in the end.
(Disney 'Animation Test' footage here)

In fact many other studios have tried
translating the book to the big screen without luck,
and in the end Maurice is said to have been very weary
of who he gave permission to try again.
I don't blame him!

Having watched a few ‘sneak-peeks’ of the film
I can honestly say that I love what writer/director Spike Jonze
has done to bring the story from paper to screen.
In the interview with both author and director,
there seems to bea great connection between the two.
This for sure is the fundamental reason the film is bound to be great!

The author standing in front of his creations..
The 'parent/creator' of the monster there is a clear resemblance - don't you think?..

Screen Grabs

Love this one!

There is such a tender connection between the boy and the beasts,
and I think it has been very well captured by Jonze.

Monster Wall

Themed kid's room from the 1970s.
Let's hope it is a 'playroom' and not a bedroom..
could bring on the nightmares otherwise..

Arty translations of the book

This would make a great DIY project for a kids' room.
DO photocopy the book pages before you cut away!
Might give this a go on a rainy afternoon..


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