Monday, August 10, 2009

Finnish secrets..

Cup of tea in hand I was flicking through the latest number of one of my favourite Swedish magazines 'Family Living', and came across picture of a great mushroom stool...

Designed by Amu Song and available via weblink ''.

Wanting to see what else these guys have, I logged onto 'Company's' website and found an irresistable folder called 'Top Secrets of Finland'..

'Top Secrets of Finland' staged an exhibition in Helsinki's Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum based around the question 'What is still made in Finland?'. Through partnership with a selection of local manufacturers they designed new versions of every-day-products and revealed these in an exhibition.

Including the mushroom tool that I saw....

The 'Company' also sets up 'secret shops' in cities around Europe where you can buy their products (as well as some local secrets too).

Here are some more..

'Rocking Bear Chair'

'Dog Stool'

x Charlotta

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