Wednesday, September 16, 2009

House Tour - Angus Wilkie

I am not sure if I am a typical 'city' or 'country' type girl,
I think I am both..  If that is allowed..?!
There is the dream of a life that balances both aspects,
and one where I would have the luxury of being
spontaneous, indecisive and impulsive.
A weekend in the country, a mid week treat in the city,
then a few quiet days back in the country, 
followed by a city weekend... You get the picture..

Seeing countryside cuteness like Angus Wilkie's 
19th century cottage makes me wish that I too had a little 
hide away tucked away in some quaint village somewhere..
Mr Wilkie's cottage is located North East of NYC 
and has a cleaner, more masculine version of
'cottage style' - even a bit 'Colonial' in its execution at times.
It also has a generous amount of charm and lots of playful 
little details that pop out here and there..
From the scarlet staircase, and the glue covered plaster walls,
to the quirky antique treasures, this cottage is just delightful!

 Images from HERE.

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