Sunday, September 13, 2009

Martina Arfwidson's home by the Hudson & Face Stockholm

This is the house of Martina Arfwidson, the daughter of Gun Nowak -
the founder of the brilliant Swedish company Face Stockholm.

I love and use Face Stockholm products however only recently learned about how
it came about (read more), and was thrilled to come across pictures of Martina's lovely
home via Martha Stewart's Home Tours gallery.

The house has that soft yet sober simplicity of a Swedish home, with focus on light and
air, mixed in with warm classic American touches.

The result is a timeless elegant and relaxed home with a fresh lightness & warm personality.

Old fashioned storage bench from Sweden.
Gustavian chairs casually rest against the stairs.

This is all typically Swedish to me.. the symmetric bare beauty with a hint of nature shining
through  ... Not to mention all the white mixed with subtle colour and fabulous textures coming
through in the raw materials used. Simple and elegant! To take the full tour, please click HERE.

P.S. Try Face Stockholm's 'lip normalizer' - it is brilliant!!


ajlowiuuu said...

what a beautiful and romantic place!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Wow Charlotta
I love love love this home... That storage bench is exactly what I need too.. I think Ikea used to have something similar.. but there version is no longer storage... too sad..

How I would love this home!!! .. ciao xxx Julie

Patsy Tierney said...

I like the simple symmetrical design using a lot of whites and blending in the texture of a number of items that make it simple yet elegant. I also like the use of some pieces of furniture that make room for storage of small items. The old fashioned storage bench is something that I would like to have at home.

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