Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ryantown - again

Ok so I am repeating myself here...

You see, I blogged about 'Ryantown' and
the talented Mr Rob a while ago (*), but the designs
are so beautiful and addictive that I just can't help myself..

I mean just look at this one people!

Limited edition print (1:14) - surely
sold out by now...
(however if not, then 'Dear Santa..')

As you Londoners know, 'Ryantown', the shop,
is situated at 126 Columbia Rd (E2)...

I will be there with bells and whistles
next time I am in town.

It looks wonderful and you can read a first hand
shop experience on the lovely blog 'Made By White'

Click HERE for the post.

Last but not least, some more eye candy from the
'Ryantown blog', that was launched in support of
the shop opening back in June 2008.

Super cute leather wallets available via the store... *sigh*

Sticky tape (via the Esty shop)

This is what I should have hyperventilated in
a couple of weeks ago whilst waking next
to my sick daughter in hospital...



For information and pictures from Ryantown's
pop up show in NY back in May - click HERE.
(there are a few other Ryantown USA links listed via their post)

When are you coming to Sydney Rob?



Splendid Willow said...

Hello girlie, I was going to look for pillows, but I guess I am going to buy really wonderful and artsy sticky tape instead! (: Thank you for sharing! Monika.

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes - this is a sticky tape that really sticks. :)

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