Thursday, October 8, 2009

1890s house in Brooklyn

This is the home of NY style queen Jenna Lyons.

 Together with her artist husband, Vincent Mazeau,
she bought this 1890s unrenovated (un-wired)
tall and narrow house and turned it into a home.

 It took the couple two years to complete the
renovations, and Jenna's approach was to make
'one key style statement in each room'.
She says she approached the decor as she
would an outfit - starting with a solid base,
then adding layers and a touch of drama
through accessories and detail.

The result is wonderful..

Read and see more via Living Etc - HERE.


1 comment:

Nuit said...

OHHHHHHH WOW... this is seriously the most beautiful house i have EVER seen!!!! gorgeous!!! love the front of the house with that tree and view...

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