Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chalkboard craze

Bit like the sad & tired menu at our house this week...
(perhaps not that bad, but still..)

Have blogged this one before, but am doing it again
as I love the idea of the bench in a kid's room.

 This is a DIY chalkboard - surprisingly easy to make.
Find suitable vintage frame.
Paint it in desired colour.
Measure inside frame.
Have wood cut to size.
Paint with chalkboard paint.
Fit to frame.

Et voila!

 This gorgeous beast is from 'Room', however
you can easily make one by painting any desired
shape or pattern straight onto your wall, using
chalkboard paint. Fun little project..

 Same with this - easy to do if you have time
or the strength. I love the idea and result.

Or you can go full throttle and paint your entire
bedroom (or nursery) with chalkboard paint like
Jenna Lyons did in her fantastic NY terrace home.
See a post on Jenna's home HERE.


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