Saturday, October 3, 2009

Better than Nylon!

Ok, so half the blogging world are typing out loud about
new online magazine 'Lon ny' and their launch this week...
and I don't blame them - it is fabulous people!!

I have just come up for air having lost myself
in the near 200 pages (just that!!) of blissful reading,
and tremendously inspiring & beautiful imagery!

Here are a few tasty samples from the premiere issue;

I love this table setting with the vintage table wear
and fresh cut daisies in different kinds of vases..

 What a great shot - the serenity created by focusing the
(gorgeous) chandelier in this seemingly messy library.
I love the endless shelves of books, books and more books..

Is there anything better...?!

Like a blank canvas waiting to be filled
with life, colour and laughter..

What a fabulous place to build a little nest..!

The sheer lining of the bamboo roller blinds is great!
Also love that 'hand picked' bouquet of flowers - it is
something I miss doing since moving from Sweden...
... going for a walk to pick some flowers.

The floor!

Unnecessary to say, the photography of Lonny is stunning!
Thanks to Patrick Cline (*&*)



Denise Fasanello said...

ooh. great find! thanks

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi Denise - thanks for your kind comment!

I think this magazine will be a real hit - there has been a such a gap in the market since the close of Domino. Though 'Living Etc' and other great interior magazines have helped counteract the loss, I look forward to reading 'Lonny' and seeing it grow!

I also love Patrick's photographs!..


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