Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Daryl Carter's Washington townhouse

This is decorator & furniture designer Darryl Carter's
sleek and elegant town house in Washington, D.C.

There are plenty of amazing and fun details in
this house and I love how certain items have been
used in ways they were never intended, and how others
have been purpose made in unexpected materials...

 This is the library. Love the long bench in front of
the fireplace, and the antique desk that is anchored
in the room by that magnificent zebra skin on the floor.
The black shutters are from Allison’s Adam & Eve.

 The creame coloured reclaimed Belgian shutters
at the back are from Added Oomph!, the table
is 18th-century Regency is nicely teamed with a
1920s sofa with wooden detail.

A 19th century grand piano - how wonderful it would
be to have a proper music room! I dream..

 This dining table is made out of concrete!
I love how it has been teamed up with that crystal
chandelier and antique gilt mirror. Nice contrasts.

 An antique Italian étagère is the focal point
in the kitchen that is clearly designed for cooking
for plenty of friends - love the triple stoves!

The Van Dorn cabinet from Thomasville
is one of Carter's own designs - so lovely!

Those antique bordello doors behind the bed are
so cheeky and really make this room!

I'd love to have a large and airy bathroom like this!
 The double bathtubs were salvaged from the
Russian embassy, and those fantastic shutters
designed specially by Carter himself.

The vanity in the bathroom is an adapted 20th-century server.




Splendid Willow said...

Mr. Carter is famous for his neutral palette. But somehow he manages to never make it boring. I think he is over the top brilliant! And there is that bedroom again... So beautiful. OX Monika

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes he is a genius and I too am a big fan of this particular approach to decor. He clearly has an amazing eye mixed with a glimmer of humour, which makes it all so wonderful.

Yes - the bedroom, which was brought to my attention by your amazing post for Sophie.. Those doors!..


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