Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Equestrian chic

This is the cottage home of Caroline Scheeler,
the head buyer of 'Jayson Home and Garden'.

I love the equestrian details, the oversized animal prints,
the touch of glammed up safari and general rich layering of
earthy tones mixed with creamy sophistication.

Not your usual sugar coated cottage decor for sure.

An antique Turkish rug customized into a runner
adorns the stairs leading up to the 2nd floor.

I love love love (!) this reproduction of an old
horse portrait from the LA store 'Natural Curiosities'.
Hung casually above an old bucket of firewood.

The children are sitting on a Chesterfield sofa 
from Jayson Home & Garden, with those fabulous
bird prints from 'Natural Curiosities' - there it is again..
I love their art! I can see that t will become a favourite
source of inspiration for me - will blog on this later..

Riding hats, hunting horns, vintage art and old photos,
as well as show ribbons adorn the wall of the mudroom.
How I wish we had a mudroom in our house..

The secretary is a family heirloom that 
now serves as a bar in the living room

Scheeler's grandmother once owned this French mirror, 
which hangs on pine paneling from a local stable.

Carefully chosen marble bench tops match the grey
'Ralp Lauren Mercer' paint on the walls. A vintage
flea market chandelier hangs casually above the sink.

The dining section of the actual kitchen has a nice
casual & vintage feel, with a reclaimed-oak table, a
Belgian sofa from the early 1900s, and a vintage foot-stool 
that has been upholstered with an antique carpet.

The bedroom has a more decadent and lighter feel
with a gilded Italian headboard, zebra printed hide,
white wall-to-wall carpet and shaggy bed throw.

A vintage Italian 'sunburst mirror' forms the backdrop
to a carefully assembled display including an old claw-foot
from a bathtub, a peacock feather, and weathered leather cases.

Scheeler apparently calls the master bathroom's color,
'Behr's Pensive Sky' - "the most perfect light blue ever."



Splendid Willow said...

I saw this article too and for not being so much into country style - I really like it! The dining area is lovely, the chesterfield sofa and that whole area is terrific but I did not see the b/w horse photo until you alerted me to it. I am with you - love, love! OX Monika

Charlotta Ward said...

Thanks my dear. x
Yes, I agree that the whole 'country look' can get a bit too rustic at times, but I do like a hint of it in a nice & balanced mix of sophistication. Makes for a nice contrast.
Glad you like the horse. It has inspired me to push my husband to do some arty animal photographs for his portfolio. xCharlotta

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