Saturday, October 31, 2009

Loft loveliness

This crisp all-white apartment works as a crisp canvas
for the eclectic mix of furniture, and with great success.
There are many details to note - good and bad, and I found
myself going over the images again and again to take it all in.
Also note the drops of yellow accent here and there through
the whole apartment - creates a nice consistent flow.

The asymmetrical placement of the furniture is great and the
light really sets off the contrasting colours against the white.
Love the contrast between the gold detail in the seatee at the front
against the starkness of the floor and industrial like windows.

The wooden statues and un-matching chairs are great, as is
what could be a restored 19c drop leaf table from Sweden..

The statuettes on the table along with the over-sized candle stick
caught my eye immediately - the backdrop is a bit distracting...

I love a freestanding bed, but would never turn my back on
a window like this - I would not be able to sleep..
Love the room apart from that though - it has that nice and fresh
openness that I like so much in interiors.

How many option does one need when showering?!..

And we all know that if I didn't have young children that
prevent me from having looong indulgent showers, I
would never have posed that question... :)

images via the folded
Loft Magazine


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