Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cutness of the littles

And as yesterday's 'pink post' went down a treat with Isabella,
I now dedicate this post of animal cuteness to my son Oscar.

Oscar loves baby animals - actually he loves all babies, and all animals.

These pictures will make him giggle.. as did I when finding them..

Like Oscar and Isabella on a bad day..

How I feel at the end of these kinds of 'bad days'..

...and the load of motherhood is heavy...

..and I find myself looking deep into the coffee cup in search for energy!

But most of the time they are friends (mostly thanks to Oscar..)..

 ..and I relax in parental bliss.

 Cute cheekiness of siblings is often present in our house..

Though this rat team make the penguins of the 'Madagascar' movie
(kaboom Rico!), and my own kids look like amateurs..

Though Oscar can also be cheeky...

..he is mostly just plain cute!

..and most of the time we are one happy, close-knit little family!



I am so incredibly proud and honoured to be Oscar's mother,
and I rest in the knowledge that the world is a better place
for having him in it!!


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