Friday, October 30, 2009

Rustic simplicity Salina, Italy

Salina - one of the Eolian Islands in Italy, where I
spent 48 hours waiting out a serious storm whilst sailing
around the area years ago, and where most famously
the gorgeous movie 'Il Postino' was filmed.

Here a rustic & charming home located on the island.
Perhaps not the most sophisticated of homes, but to
me it is this charming simplicity that makes it so beautiful.
And as I remember the magic of the island itself - the smell
of salt saturated air, the perfect colour blue of the ocean
and the breathtaking scenery, this is a house where I would
like to walk barefoot and without a worry in the world...

Off to take my post next to my daughter whose
asthma has flared up again due to a persistent cold.



1 comment:

Blue Hour Designs said...

Oooh I love this house!
I like the natural elements, along with the white walls that blend together and create a clean, simple yet comfortable setting. Beautiful :)

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