Friday, October 30, 2009


This statement was made by the legendary Diana Vreeland.

Not a typically 'pink person' myself, I have of course given birth
to a daughter who is obsessed with pink and all things pink!
I do not dislike the colour at all, but I don't share the same
deep and honest passion that Isabella has for pink...

My little whirlwind immerses herself in a cloud of pink dreams,
numerous fluffy tutu skirts, stings of pink beads and her ultimate
wish this Christmas is that Santa brings her a pretty pair of pink
ballet shoes and some pink lipstick (she calls it 'make-it-up')..

Pink is a symbol of femininity, self-love, tenderness and acceptance.
It also said that certain shades of pink help neutralize disorder and
violence, and that some prisons therefore use pink to soothe inmates.


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