Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anita Kaushal

If you are not yet familiar with Anita Kaushal,
please allow me to introduce her to you now.

Anita is a designer of products & interiors, a shop owner, a writer,
an art director, a mother, and a woman whose vision is to always
create a feeling that gives comfort to the soul. She believes
products and interiors should be enjoyed, and not just admired
- something that comes through clearly in her own home,
that she shares with her husband and two children.

All pictures and words are borrowed from Anita's blog.

"The swing is long enough to seat both my children, who use it most days as
they look out onto the garden. Guests are apprehensive at first but in no time
at all they too get into the swing of things. It is my way of showing this
is a house to be enjoyed and one in which children are welcome always."

"We love sharing this kitchen and having the children lend a hand."

"Cherished possessions should be enjoyed and not hidden away. These butterfly 
cut-outs, made by my husband for my birthday, bring a smile to my face every day."

"The kitchen sofa is where we indulge in the Sunday papers & latte."

 "The hall is more than a utilitarian space and ours provides the perfect place for this
large mirror which reflects the living and kitchen, bringing both together. Favorite CD's,
pictures and a piano make it a space to gather and share, rather then simply pass through."

"Our bedroom and bathroom are one, simply divided by space. The shelves
are filled with favorite night time reading and treasured mementos. "

"The headboard is covered with a velvet bed-cover that I have stapled to the back
of the base as is the valance. I change both with the seasons. Light linen or voile
in the summer and silk or velvet in the winter. It is an easy update and transforms 
the look of the room."

"My son's room has a little hatch in the ceiling above his bunk; from here
he climbs into the loft, which has been converted into his playden."

"My daughter just turned 8 but the pink stage is very
much alive and I love that there is some colour here."

"The children's bathroom is given colour with the Rug Company's
needlepoint. I brought this to celebrate my first book deal."

I love how fresh and simple, yet warm & inviting this home is -
it is so full of personality and detail without feeling contrived or
cluttered. Needless to say, all this light and airy white appeals to
my Swedish soul and I could definitely spend a lot of time here!

Being close to nature, giving gratitude, learning and evolving,
facing challenges, living without regret, giving more than we get
and surrounding ourselves with loved ones and precious objects;
these are the things that add to our sense of inner happiness.

 These are the words that greet you when you log on to Anita's
shop site - 'Happiness Itself'. This online store is full of hand-picked
items that are presented with the most charming way...
Do jump across and have a browse through - it is well worth a visit!



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