Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brooklyn beauty

How about the 'Park Slope Townhouse' that is the home of stylist Jenna Lyons ('Levenson McDavid Architects') heir beautifully renovated in Brooklyn. These pictures taken before the black chalkboard paint was applied to the master bathroom. Simply beautiful..

For another post on this gorgeous home please click HERE.

x Charlotta


Blacklashes said...

Beuatiful, i love the arches, the grey paint, the dots picture and the splash of yellow with the grey looks great.

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes it is so lovely - and such a rare thing to have a private front door in NY!
Love to have a little town house like that!

Thanks for your comment.


Yanina said...

It is actually the same house, Jenna Lyons...
If you look at the pictures there is even the same bathroom photo...and back in the first one, you can actually see the yellow sofa where she is sitting on, in your other post!

Charlotta Ward said...

Thanks Yanina. I have changed the wording of this post.

x Charlotta

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