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It is no secret that I love the warm & casual preppy style of Swedish 'Lexington Company' - especially when it comes to their holiday collections. Here are a few images from this year's Xmas spread..

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Though 'Lexington Company' often is thought to be American, it is in fact Swedish and was founded in 1997 with the ambition was to create a 'New England' inspired, preppy classic 'All-American' life-style brand that included everything from bedding, towels and home decor, to clothing and accessories.

Though their image in Sweden is marketed as more 'New England' than anything, it is fair to say that it isn't at all that clean, white and light as true New England style. As Swedish Sandra Ljung said; "I’ll agree to that there are elements of what I would characterize as typically New England that are included in this life-style concept. But it also contains a lot of Swedish aesthetics, creating a new style that is a unique blend of Swedish and American, and hence, a Swedish version of New England, where the romantic view of an area has inspired into the making of something different and new. It is perhaps the fact that Lexington has managed to integrate the essentials of Swedish aesthetics while at the same time tapping into Swedish consumers’ dreamlike notion of the American 'East Coast', that they have become so successful." I tend to agree here..

Their look is rustic and relaxed, yet timeless with classic pieces of dark wood furniture, clean lines, high quality fabrics. The focus is to create a dressed, warm & comfortable elegance - be that in the city apartment or at the country house. Founding partner (and now CEO) Kristina Lindhe's home was recently featured in my beloved Swedish Sköna Hem magazine. Here's the house tour.. Enjoy!

The house is a traditonal 'Ornäs­villa' (1920s style architecture) built in 1929 with typical features inspired by timber houses of Dalarna in the Northern part of Sweden. The blue/white colour scheme and shutters give the house that preppy classical look of the 'Lexington Company'.

The dining- and living rooms are light filled and airy - in fact there are a total of 110 panes of glass here... The apple wood chairs and table are bought at an auction, and the chandelier was made by a local smith in line with Kristina's own design and instructions (brilliant idea). The plates on the dining table are by 'Mateus' - another Swedish company that deserves a blog post of its own (watch this space..).

"Everything in the living room needs to be big in order not to disappear", says Kristina. The sofas and armchair are by Swedish company 'R.o.o.m, the glassed frame on the left contain a piece of antique fabric from Paris, and all pillows and throws are by the 'Lexington Company'. All-in-all, simple and no-fuss, yet cozy.

The kitchen has a slight industrial feel to it, with large mosaic tiles covering the walls from bench-top to ceiling. The kitchen table is another of Kristina's own designs - a slate top with white washed wood structure. Those wonderful pendant lamps were designed by famous Danish architect and designer Poul Henningsen around 1925.

The table and sofa are flea-market finds that Kristina stripped back and painted white - in fact she says she often brings home auction and market finds to the house, like the old family albums on the table. The pillows (excluding the black one) and folded throw are by 'Lexington Company' as is the blue denim runner. The red/white striped curtains are by Swedish 'Walles & Walles' and the leather chest under the table is another vintage market find.

Almost everything in the master bedroom are by the 'Lexington Company', and on the wall above the bed head are black/white snapshots from family holidays. I love how casually they have been hung..

Cozy, South facing veranda which catches the gorgeous Swedish evening sun (.. those slow summer sunsets..). The garden includes trees & bushes of Jasmin, Syringa and Spiraea....I can just imagine the heavenly scent on a summer's night!

All photography of Kristina Lindhe's home by Johan Carlson. 
Sköna Hem, October 2009

xx Charlotta

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