Wednesday, November 11, 2009

London Loft

Now this loft I do like!
It has that authentic industrial feel but without the boldness
or starkness of the place featured in my previous post.
The creamy colour palette, the chandelier by the seating area,
and the wooden beams and columns that have that weathered
raw & natural feel to them all help create a soothing softness
with warmth and personality - a place you could actually live in.
I also like the bedroom - the raw metal doors vs the feminine decor.
Overall a nice little bachelorette pad.

Photography by Jordi Canosa



Splendid Willow said...

And us Swedes crave all that light!

I love the long, wooden dining table with those mid cent. looking chairs (I am so into that style right now!) and the bedroom is simply divine! (Had to look and re-look!)Where is this place?

Happy, happy! OX Monika

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes it's all brilliant!
The pictures are by Jordi Canosa and the styling by his wife Daniela Cavestany. The tag in his 'folio said 'Loft en Londres'...
The table is great! Looks like an old work table from a sewing factory and the chairs probably late 40s - divine!
He has recently started a blog as well - - might be worth bookmarking. I love his photography and his 'folio is full of bloggable gems!

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