Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Unusual loft

Industrial loft with touches of quirky eccentricity and 80s neon.
Not my dream home, but an interesting walk-through..

 Despite the bright red sofa, my eyes are immediately drawn 
towards the round mirror on the wall.. 

This room reminds me of Sweden somehow - think it is the openness 
and light, mixed with the sober lines and sparseness..

I am always a fan of a poured concrete floor, though I usually prefer them
unpainted and raw looking.

 I actually quite like how the stairs are kept open and how the landing
forms the top of the doorway to the kitchen. Quirky..though lethal for me who
is a bit of a zombie in the morning before I have my coffee..

 Very 'loft style' bedroom. Like the b/w poster of what looks like an
old factory above the bed. The trolley works well too.


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