Friday, November 20, 2009

Rodney Smith

Rodney Smith - where to begin!?

I am such a big fan of this creative genius who
has the ability to make the ordinary beyond
extraordinary through his photographic magic.

Actually, it doesn't stop there because he is good
with words too, and when reading his blog posts
I feel I am taken on a pilgrimage through amazing
insightful tunnels of honesty and refection. He is
so clearly connected to 'that greater source of life'
where perspective and insight come easily.

Perhaps it is the fact that he studied theology
and received a degree in Divinity from Yale,
or simply because he walks this world wide
awake, his mind open and his eyes peeled.

I completely 'get' his creative expression and so
enjoy the fact that his fantastic images are shot
using a regular SLR camera onto Kodak film
- i.e. not the result of digital photography.

These photographs are the true reflection
of a person who is one with his instrument.
Someone who is open to the possibility
that life's magic is present everywhere
if only you allow yourself to see it.

Rodney has won 75 awards, however
I have a feeling he doesn't actually need
any or all of these proofs of his brilliance.
You see, even as a young man, he turned down
a few seriously impressive offers to lecture
at some of the world's best universities in favour
for riding slow trains in India, bicycling through
the Camarque, and strolling the streets of Paris..

It seems very clear to me that he is more interested in
life itself, the world and the people in it, than in any recognition.
But don't get me wrong though, he is all but arrogant or ignorant!
Instead he is so genuinely sweet when given a compliment.

I have written to him twice in starry eyed admiration of his work
and have received the loveliest replies within a day of doing so.
I think that says a lot about him - that he takes time to
respond in a genuinely friendly and interested manner.
He has also given me his permission to share with you
his work via this blog - something I find incredibly nice!

Before this post becomes an essay..
I really just wanted to say two three a few things here..
1. You must jump onto Rodney's website,
see his pictures & take time to read his blog, and
2. take note of the recent launch of his latest book

The book is extremely limited edition - a must have!
From the idea behind it, the creative concept, through to
the images, layout & typography - it is pure brilliance.

I am happy to relay your interest in buying
the book - please just leave a comment below
or drop me an email on

Hopefully this post marks the beginning of your own


1 comment:

Splendid Willow said...

Yes, where to begin indeed. You said it best yourself - genious!

It is so clear that he masters something we all should have as a goal - to live in the moment. And then to be able to capture that through a lens, and carry that moment with you - what a gift.

He makes me want to stop in my tracks and focus much more on "what really matters". You never find any stress in his work!

Thank you for sharing, dear blog sister. And happy weekend!


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