Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sheep art

I am on some sort of farm-animal love trip right now..
You may have read about my recently spurred craving
for equestrian themes and horse art... well my latest love
was found via the 'Small and Chic' blog..

Sheep art! ..that made me go baaaah in delight!

The rooms they are set in and even the way they have been
framed is not right in my opinion, but the actual images
and photographic idea are just wonderful - I love the look of
over-sized close-up portraits of animals, and think there is a
big & lucrative market for this in the domestic pet-world as well.
In fact I have told my photography loving husband this, and hope
he will grant the Australian market quirky, cool and fabulous
portraits of their pets in the near future.. Be so much fun, right!?

The images also reminded me to revisit the amazing gallery
of animal photographer Catherine Ledner. Her work is fantastic
and so much fun! The bull on red (left below) is my favourite
and would look divine above the mantle in our dining room.

I wrote about her earlier - click HERE if you missed that post.

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