Friday, November 6, 2009

Tudor hide-away

Temple Guiting Mannor

Having been a privately owned house since the 15th Century,
this Grade 1 listed Tudor house has been skillfully restored and
turned into a luxurious private rental in a charming Cotswold setting.

Though there is that certain spooky eeriness about this house, it is
exactly the kind of place I would like to spend a weekend at with
a bunch of really good friends. We'd go at the peak of autumn -
enjoy long walks in the stunning countryside, eat hearty food,
drink mulled wine by the open fire at night.
If only the Cotswolds wasn't so far away...



Splendid Willow said...

What a place! The architecture is fantastic and still works some few hundred years later. What a setting! Look at the beams and the fireplaces and the many chandeliers. As a guest I would never leave! Lovely post as always, Charlotta!

OX - Monika

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes - it is so amazing! I love how lovingly the house has been renovated and converted - e.g. the carpeted rooms have maintained the original wooden thresholds, the inset of new glass in the original lead windows etc.
Be such a wonderful place to rent, wouldn't it!

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