Monday, November 16, 2009

Winter cozy

Not long from now we will be in frosty Sweden - yay!

Winter is actually and honestly one of my favourite seasons!
Because 'I live in Sydney, which basically means
no winter at all. Or possibly means wearing a
cardigan over my bikini..', I hear you cry..right?!

..but no seriously, I have actually always embraced the cold,
frosty, dark misery and all that comes with it for as long as I
can remember. When people ask why, I often say I like a bit of
suffering in order to truly appreciate Spring and Summer..and
also that winter gives me time to hibernate, reflect and regroup.
I actually need the slower pace of winter to maintain my balance.

I also love how we tend to make an extra effort to be creative
in order to make the long dark months seem lighter, and how
we dress our homes with focus on cozy comfort and warmth.

Winter is all about nurturing and comforting oneself and others.

Candle light, sheep skins, blankets, rugs, firewood neatly stacked,
a roast dinner shared with friends, fluffy slippers next to the bed,
hot chocolate, rosy cheeks, frosty windows and long hot baths..

Here's some more winter cozy inspiration from Slettvoll, Norway..



Vanya-Endless Inspiration said...

I could cope with one month of winter a year, but when it drags on for 5 months and you think you're gonna lose your mind or you're toes - forget it!

Charlotta Ward said...

When I lived in Sweden I found the 'transitional weeks' the hardest - those dark weeks before the first snow, and then the wet & muddy weeks before all snow had melted and give way to Spring.. I felt pretty ready to shed all those layers of thermal wear at that time.. But true Winter - high-Winter, is fantastic and I look forward to my upcoming 2 months of it. Not long now. :)

Splendid Willow said...

Yeah! I come too! I am very good at carrying bags!

Stockholm covered in snow is magical! It is so quiet (the snow dampens the sound), the air is so crisp and all that beautiful architecture pops with a layer of white snow.

Thank you for bringing back great memories. (I have forgotten when it is 30 below zero and no one looks at you for months. People just live in their old little worlds behind thick hats and long scarfs!)

Cyber hug, Mon

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes the silence of Winter! So restful for the mind and eyes to view a monochromatic landscape and listen to the soft muffled sounds.
The creeking of the boots against the snow.. watching smokey breath evaporate in crisp frosty air.. Iiiiiiih! Can't wait!
One of my first stops is this wonderful old vault of a cafe in the Old Town in Stockholm, where they serve hot chocolate out of bowls and where candle light adorns every table..
Home sick yet my darling?! :)
Next time we must synchronize our trips!

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