Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Home sick

Since leaving my beloved Sweden a couple
of weeks ago I am suffering terrible home-
sickness. I not only miss my family & friends
but 'Sweden' as well (despite the extreme cold
and all that snow..). To soothe myself I popped
in to see a Danish neighbour, Tine K, for some
nice Scandinavian eye candy.. It always helps
(well a little at least..) to look at design close to
home when I feel like this.. (big sigh x)..

There is something about 'silver' and I find myself
wanting to collect a family of items that I can keep
in one of the deep windows of my dining room.

Is there anything better than fresh white linen..
Preferably cotton (Egyptian if possible). Sigh.

The chair... (and the table for that matter..)
Also love twigs just like this one - such a
nice and simple way to decorate a room.
 This picture made me look forward to fall..
After sticky and humid summer months here
in Sydney it is always nice to welcome the cool,
dry and fresher air of the early fall. I love making
the house cozy, cooking roast dinners, lighting
lots of candles and generally just being able to
move around without looking like a sweaty heap..
My Scandi body is simply not designed for
the extreme heat and humidity we get here..

I like this tub - I would fill it with flowers and
plonk it on my hallway table along with some
nice tall candle sticks and good white candles.

White gets me every time.. and according to
trend spotters in Europe, cane furniture are
on the come back people.. Nice mix.

Clay vases.. want to make some now. Perhaps
a nice little project for when time allows..?

Aren't big windows the best..?

Mimosa is one of those wonderful treats in
Sydney Spring. Large trees and bushes of this
heavenly flower pop up everywhere. I love
the bright yellow balls and the scent.. A treat!

How could I not like this Dill flower?
Dill is terribly Swedish and something I
can not live without in my cooking.

Thought the world may have move on from
burst on purple and replaced it with blues
and turquoise, I am still very fond of the odd
purple detail here - especially with blacks 
and greys. Like in this picture..

More Tine K from HERE.



olemkaa said...

I am Polish with Scandinavian soul:)

olemkaa said...

I love Tine K., BTW:)

Urban Style Vibes said...

Wow, lovely images. Did you already see her new Spring collection? Those images are just gorgeous. I just posted them on Urban Style Vibes. Take a look if you like. It migh help against home sickness;-)


Lise M.

Splendid Willow said...

Wonderful Charlotta, sorry I have not been so blog alert this week. But we need to talk! E-mail me the best numbers to reach you and I will figure out the whole time change thing. Is Sweden really in the cards?!!!! Miss you. xx Mon

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