Monday, February 15, 2010


This flower has stuck with me since I saw it
over at 'Ada & Darcy'. Its the light, the colour
and those perfect petals... Just beautiful!

'Ada & Darcy' is a lovely blog that I think you
 may enjoy, so hop across people - right HERE.



Kellie Collis said...

It is such a stunning picture isnt it! I was drawn to it as well . Thankyou for the link as well. xx

katrina lauren said...

oh so lovely...i just want to bend over and take in it's beautiful aroma! thanks for sharing...i'm going to pop over to their spot right now!
big hugs for charlotta for k!
enjoy your day

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi girls and thanks for your comments. The flower is so gorgeous and I almost smell the aroma through the screen.. Just heavenly.

Have a beautiful week.

xx Charlotta

olemkaa said...

Thank you for your enthusiastic comments:) I love scandinavian spirit on your blog and I promise to visit it if I have possibility.

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