Thursday, February 4, 2010


At the end of 2009 I received an 'Honest Scrap Award' from
one of my favourite girlies in the blog world - Monika Claassen.

I am needless to say so very honoured and
grateful to have been one of her selected few.

Monika, like me, is Swedish, and has settled in Seattle
where she runs a wonderful (a must-read) blog called
And splendid it is indeed (!), so do (really do!) add it to your
blog-roll and follow her addictive posts - you will soon
become a devoted reader and admirer like I am!

The 'Honest Scrap' award is a call to share 10 things
about myself/oneself that may not be common
knowledge, and then nominate 7 others to do the same.
Though this sounds pretty straight forward it is actually
quite hard..! Not so much to share10 things about myself
however to select only 7 others out of a long list of
extremely talented and interesting bloggers!
That I find extremely hard!

Anyway, I will start with the easy part... it no particular order..

1. I style everything.. 
 I can't help myself. I am totally & completely
driven by composition, aesthetic balance and style.
 Be that my living room, linen cabinet, children's
wardrobes, dining table, fridge or mantle piece, they
have all been arranged with visual pleasure in mind.

I even unpack my toilet bag and re-arrange the bath
of all hotel rooms, regardless of the number of nights
I stay there.. I can't stand sterile or stale environments!

2. Wrong side..
Though it is 20 years since I owned a car with the
steering-wheel on the left-hand-side, I still walk
around to that side of my Australian car to drive....

I do this not only once in a while, but several times a week...
Help!.. :)

3. I love picking things...
Flowers, twigs, shells, rocks, berries - you name it..
It is the ultimate stress buster for me and something I
love doing when on holiday or when I need to relax.

One of my absolute fave things to pick is wild strawberries!
Thread them on a long straw and summer/life is complete! :)


Another favourite is picking flowers. This is something I
have done since I was a little girl. There is always at least
one vase of hand picked wild flowers or twigs in our house...

4. I crave light..
This window and that half-way-down roll
down blind are amazing! Via Remodelista

A true Swede, I like large windows that draw in an
abundance of natural light and I feel very uncomfortable
in closed-in, dark or light restricted rooms.

I also have a real addiction to candles, and light them
morning and night as we gather around the dining table.

via Sköna Hem

I generally feel that light and lighting are the most
powerful tools when decorating any given environment.

5. Lavender love

You will find it in every shape and form in my house.
I fill my linen cabinets with pouches of dried lavender,
I spray the rooms with lavender mist, keep a bottle of
essential oil for first aid (it really is the best thing for stings,
bruises and bumps!), I grow it in the garden and always
keep a little bunch in a vase on my bedroom dresser.

6. I can't sleep without fresh air..

The window in our bedroom is always open - all year round!

Needless to say a Swede (me) married to an Australian (husband)
make for some interesting 'fresh-air discussions' at high Winter..

7. Wateroholic!

Water is my preferred drink of all!
It is the last thing I drink before bedtime and the
first thing I drink upon waking. I can't leave the house
without a bottle, and generally crave it all day long!

8. I can't talk on the phone without doodling

Actually I am at my very best, the most focused, and happiest
when I hold a pen in my hand.. and I have an absolute need to
draw or doodle when on the phone, thinking or brainstorming!

9. I love being pampered.. particular, I love having my feet tended to!
Give me a reflexology treatment or a good pedicure
and I am in a brilliant mood for the rest of the day!

If not my feet, then my hair - there is nothing better
than a couple of soothing hours at the hairdresser!

10. I love children

I feel so strongly for children - not just my own, but for all
children out there! The injustice, pain and brutalities that
surround some children in the world make me cry, and
I pray every day for their safety, happiness and good health!

 As an artist and designer I aim my efforts to make the
environments for children a little brighter, and as a mother
I try to raise my two children to be compassionate and
responsible citizens of this world, who can and will make
a difference for those less fortunate or those in need.

I wish I had the ability to wrap my arms around every
suffering child out there - to make a sustainable difference
and to allow them to grow up in the way they so deserve!


Now to my list of no order of preference..

My contact list of amazing bloggers is extremely
long and in order to make this selection a little
easier, I have decided to highlight some of the
ones that have a connection to Sweden..

The below people are extremely inspiring and
run fantastic blogs - I would love to learn more
about these 7 and hope they find the time to respond..



Solid Frog said...

Vilka härliga bilder och kul läsning!
Vad glad jag blir att du har valt ut mig, tack! Hoppas att jag hinner göra detta inom en inte allt för snar framtid.

Elie's Papel said...

I love being close to windows too... especially at restaurants because I hate eating in the dark knowing there's plenty of light outside... ;)

Splendid Willow said...

Lotta dear, what a a treat! I so loving getting to know you even better, my wonderful blog sis! I agree with so many of the things you listed except the water drinking! I must have been a camel in a previous life - because I show no interest, what so ever to H2O.

But dipping my feet in water is absolutely wonderful. Figure that one out if you can...

You will be surprised to hear that I went out with a few girlfriends in Seeattle this evening (just got back) and one of my dear friends, Ingrid, is a good friend of Mia from your part of the world! A crazy small world isnt't!? (We e-mailed Mia a picture of the two of us saying hello to you!).

Thank you again for sharing a little bit of yourself with us. You are a dear!

xx Mon

Charlotta Ward said...

Thank you / Tusen tack! Mia - vad roligt att du tar emot nomineringen! Ska bli roligt att läsa!

Elie - yes, light is so important and a badly lit place can certainly ruin the day!

Mon - vilken liten värld vi lever i! Mia (Maria Lacey) är en riktigt god vän! Urgullig tjej!
Ingrid - jag tror att jag hört om henne.
Glad you like my list of honesty.. Sorry it took so long. I felt very aligned with your list too - I am sure we are sisters after all. x

Have a nice rest of the weekend everyone!


vintage simple said...

I can identify with many of these - including the need for much light and fresh air. (Have similar discussions with my husband about open windows - "What? Are we heating the entire neighborhood?") :)

I'm so glad to have found my way here - via Lotta's inleaf, but I also recognize Monika!

Anyway. I'm off to explore some more.


Charlotta Ward said...

Hi Maria - so glad you found your way here. Hope you come back often.
Your blog is beautiful and I find myself there when I am supposed to do other things.. :)

Yes, the open window discussions... Sigh.


Hemmarikets Charlotte said...

Fabulous pics! Thank you for choosing my blog. I appeciate it very much.

Charlotta Ward said...

Charlotte - so glad you got my nom. Your blog is amazing and I appreciate your suggested response to the award. I completely understand.

Kram och ha en skon Valentines sondag.


日月神教-任我行 said...


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