Thursday, February 4, 2010

I am back..

Just a quick note to say that I AM BACK... at least physically.

The trip back went well (thanks to my kids who are real travel pros),
and we are now in Sydney again after our amazing Swedish holiday.

From my home town in Sweden - photo by Marshal Ward

Safe to say the climate shock is worse than the jet lag,  and having
suffered up to 93% humidity here over the past week it is a little
tricky getting back into life again.. to say the least.. :)
(not to mention my hair that is suffering humidity shock! V unflattering.., but funny.)

I'll be back here with regular posts as soon as my brain adjusts
to the mere 50C degree temperature shift.. Until then I will
be busy working out how I can move my bed into the fridge..


  These Moroccan 'tree-climbing goats' crack me up!
Must be the jet lag.. :)

1 comment:

Splendid Willow said...

Welcome back dear! Jag har saknat dig så! Landa säkert så kan vi väl pratas vid snart? Du säger tiden - jag ringer. Kramar i rymden, Mon (Och grattis till trollen som är så duktiga globetrotters!)

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