Friday, March 26, 2010

Beautiful Hamptons beach house..

Here is a beautiful Swedish-American summer
house located in East Hampton, Long Island.

The goal was to mix Swedish charm in big size American scale 
- something I think they have definitely achieved very well.

Beautiful symmetric harmony dominates the house in true
Hamptons' Style. Love the exposed beams and open ceilings!

Apparently the hallway is large enough for the youngest kids to bicycle in.. 
...and apparently they do!.. :)  (I love that!)

The living room is a mix match of styles - new & old, lux & simple, rustic & sleek. 
The sofas are classic Italian new purchases, however the stunning chairs are old 
and have been re-upholstered to match. The painting was painted by a student,
and the lamp (Tolomeo) was  designed by Michele De Lucchi.

Super cute guest toilet with little bird clad garden taps by the sink. What a wonderful
idea! I also love the mix match linen towels, that rustic chunk of wood bench top, 
and fantastic guilt mirror. All in all a perfect balance of elements.

I bet Philippe Starck didn't intend his Ghost chair to team up with an antique
Swedish secretary, but now that they have I think they are a perfect match.

Beach themed master bedroom with very cute double layered sunburst mirror.

I love the colour of the walls - lavender yet grey. Lovely.
Also am a big fan of a freestanding bath like this - especially if it is located by
a window! The tub is by Philippe Starck.

This to me is perhaps the most Swedish room in the house.. Old Swedish chairs
in typical 'Allmoge' style (description in short: a category of Swedish antiques from 
the less affluent segments of society - often colourful, rustic and with ornate decoration).
The beautiful 'Ostindia' plates are by Swedish 'Rörstrand' are a classic.




A Perfect Gray said...

oh so lovely. a wonderful start to a weekend. Thanks, Charlotta!

Manvi @ mochatini said...

Love the wallpaper in the bathroom. Great pics thanks for sharing. Xo

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi girlies.
Wouldn't it be great to have a family holiday house like this. A place that could room everyone you love!
It is a dream of mine, and I am constantly on the hunt for a place like this in my beloved Sweden. A distant dream right now, but one day it shall become true..! :)

Lots of love and happy week to you!


Splendid Willow said...

Mama Mia! Hope to win the big lottery soon.... So many things I would like to invest in myself. So many lovely things for the eye and the heart.

Thank you for sharing, darling.


Charlotta Ward said...

Yes it is divine in every sense. I agree - the lottery would help! :)

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