Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog love - 'Handmade Charlotte'

Are you familiar with 'Handmade Charlotte'?

It is one of those lovely blogs that is full of 
good energy and fabulous ideas! How in the world
Rachel manages to find all the brilliant material 
for her several (!) blogs whilst being a mother of 5
(yes you read correctly FIVE!!) kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 
4 horses, a pet duck, 2 roosters & a parrot named 
Trouble, is beyond me. I am in awe of this woman!

Here is something she found recently that I think
is incredibly cute and would love for my kid's room.

Non toxic, hand-made gigantic 'Meassure Me' sticks
by 'Studio 1am' in Chicago.

Here are some other lovely finds that you can read
more about over at 'Handmade Charlotte'.

 Mai McKemy via her Etsy shop 'WoodlandBelle'

Designer Katrin Arens

Chandler Lane Small Town You-Build-It-Kit from Etsy shop '1canoe2'

Do pop over and say hi to Rachel and look at her blogs.
You will not regret it.


Not only is she warm, funny and incredibly lovely (!)
she also managed to chat to me over email whist being
in labour with her son... (Rachel you are incredible!)


handmade charlotte said...

You are kidding me! You are sooo nice! thank You sooo much! I had the baby that day!!! That was crazy! I have my sweet Noah Wilson James in my arms right now!!!! I love your blog too! Thanks for your bloggy friendship! ....If you lived in Atlanta I would give you a hug and some bread! I just bought a mill today! I am soo excited to use it! also got a yogurt machine! i am not trying to brag ...just super duper excited about my purchases! Thank you again for this amazing post! Rachel

Charlotta Ward said...

I always end up with the biggest smile when I hear from you! You are so great!

You are worth all the bragging and I can't think of anything better than to pop over for some of that mill bread and to look at your yogurt machine!!

So glad that Noah Wilson James is happy and healthy. He is very lucky to have such a wonderful mamma!


Beth Snyder said...

Hey there!
We're so happy to have our little paper houses on your blog! Would you mind giving us a little link?

Thanks so much!

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi Beth and thanks for stopping by.

Your houses are amazing as are many other things in your shop! If Rachel doesn't mind, I'd like to show some of them on my blog at a later stage.
I will get back to you once I have had a chat to Rache.

Sorry for not linking the image. Was trying to drive people to 'Handmade Charlotte'.
However have added the link just now.

Thanks again for stopping by - I hope I will see you again soon.


Splendid Willow said...

LOVE the paper houses! How cute are they! Are they sturdy? Need to take a closer look. Thank you for sharing, love. ox, Mon

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