Thursday, March 25, 2010

David Met Nicole, Sydney

It is no secret that I get excited over industrial-chic decor, and so you can imagine my delight and shock when I came across a post about a gem of a vintage collectibles shop that is located right here in Sydney..

via  David Met Nicole
The post was featured on the South African 'Elle Decor' blog via their Sydney correspondent Elana Castle.

 via Elle Decoration South Africa Image

How on Earth I could have missed 'David Met Nicole' in Surrey Hills (a fabulous area of Sydney) is beyond me!

via Elle Decoration South Africa Image

According to their site they sell both vintage (antique) and  self-made pieces. Their site shows some of their current stock and let me tell you, it does not disappoint at all!

Vintage hook boards, globes & maps, tram scrolls, signs, letters, furniture and heaps more beg me to visit them ASAP!

Here are some of pieces that grabbed my attention..

Industrial / artist's stool from France ca. 1880s

Chest of drawers in Australian red Cedar/Oregan wood - e1900s. I love those little numbers on the front of the drawers!

Lithograph printed school globe on twisted wrought iron base. e1900s

Handmade tea light and photographic glass slide holders - ca 1800-1930.

1940s school map. Just look at the way the world was portrayed then.. The land mass shapes are different now.

There is so much more to look at and I can't wait to go spend some undisturbed time there. Must happen soon!


P.S. Surrey Hills is one of those arty areas in Sydney that has retained a slight 'East London look'. Tree lined streets are filled with Victorian terraces, quirky shops, book stores, cafes, and  fab restaurants. An area to mark on your map when in Sydney.


A Perfect Gray said...

fantastic, Charlotta. just my kind of stuff...that globe is way cool...

Charlotta Ward said...

Hey babe - yes isn't this place fab. If you lived closer I'd take you there and treat you to lunch at one of the brilliant cafes in Surry Hills. You'd love this area!


Christina @ greige said...


I have blogged about them before and they have the best stuff! I am so jealous that you are close enough to shop there!! Someday...

Have a good night!!


Charlotta Ward said...

Hello Christina - I must look at your post. Missed that one.

Yes, this shop seems amazing. I will report back once I have been.


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